Watch me watch 1941’s “The Wolf Man” for the 1st time on the next full moon

Regardless of the damage this may do to my credibility as “the Werewolf News guy”, I can’t keep this inside any longer: I have never seen the 1941 classic werewolf movie “The Wolf Man“. Ever. Not even 30 seconds of it. I’m sorry.

This is an egregious failing on my part, and I have no excuse, other than a distaste for the “classic wolf man” aesthetic (I just can’t abide that DA haircut). As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Craig J. Clark’s outstanding Full Moon Features series here on Werewolf News, my knowledge of werewolf movies prior to the 1980s would be non-existant. I hope you can forgive me for this failing. If you can still tolerate my uneducated words, please read on to learn how I intend to rectify the situation.

The next full moon falls on Wednesday November 28th. On that day, at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern, I invite you to watch The Wolf Man with me in real time.

Synchtube is the venue, and in addition to my participation in the built-in chatroom, I will be live-tweeting my comments and reactions. By making my education on that auspicious Werewolf Wednesday a public event, I hope to regain the trust and respect of the several half-dozens of people who are horrified at this gap in my lycanthropic experience. Join me, won’t you?