“Freeborn” Director Anthony Brownrigg shares 2005 script, asks for werewolf fan input

As mentioned earlier this year, fan-driven werewolf film Freeborn is coming back to life after thousands of years (in Internet time) of dormancy. As part of that resurrection, writer / director Anthony Brownrigg has shared the 2005 version of the script, and is soliciting commentary from the werewolf fan community.

The original 2005 script in today’s market has some things that have now been done. (cough cough).. even though we were going to do it first. However.. the general storyline will remain, and in that I offer you the 2005 Freeborn script to read. Some folks like reading books, and then seeing a movie adaptation. Similar, only its a screenplay for an actual movie. Check it out, comment, good AND bad. The idea is to get this out , and get folks excited, and into talking about it. Believe me, we’re listening… free to comment and talk about it at thepacksden.net or at the Freeborn facebook page.

I’m not familiar with the culture over at thepacksden.net, but I’ve got a half-formed picture in my mind courtesy of comments I’ve seen here and on Twitter, and if you’ll permit me to be reductive, that picture looks a lot more like a Goldenwolf piece than something by Viergacht. If that’s not what you’re hoping to get out of Freeborn, maybe it would be a good idea to check out the script and then leave your comments for Brownrigg and company. Someone whose opinion I respect already has, and there are many more Werewolf News readers that I’m sure will want to chime in. But friends? Maybe save the snark until you’ve read the script.