Has fan-driven werewolf film “Freeborn” been resurrected?

A. Quinton — Jan. 16th 2012

It’s been dormant for years, but it looks like Anthony Brownrigg‘s fan-driven werewolf film Freeborn is getting back on track. A video announcing the project’s resurrection has surfaced, with what looks like a little bit of new footage.

It makes sense that a film with a fan-influenced script would solicit funding from those same fans. There’s no specific IndieGoGo link for the project yet, but the crowdsource-funding site’s prominent presence in the video and the mention of a February 1st “launch” on the film’s Facebook page would indicate an upcoming campaign to get things moving again. For more info, keep an eye on The Pack’s Den, the forum where many of the film’s supporters (including Brownrigg) gather.

“The Pack” seems to be comprised largely of fans who like their werewolves to look mystical/majestic, rather than monstrous (and who yell at me here and on Twitter for preferring the latter), but I am cautiously optimistic. A werewolf film with this much community input could be terrific.

No word on how much money needs to be raised or if anything they’ve already shot will be used.

  • guest

    “”The Pack” seems to be comprised largely of fans who like their werewolves to look mystical/majestic, rather than monstrous”
    I’ll pass then.

  • Anonymous

    That is one off-puttingly self aggrandizing promo. 

  • Guest

    The idea was fresh and interesting and exciting years ago when first mentioned. After eight years of Internet wannabe werewolves chatting on the forums, I know I’ve lost most hope for the project. Sadly, the promo doesn’t really do much to bring back that hope.

    I really think the original plot ideas could make for a great movie, but by now I just don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    So, if what I could piece together from my expeditions into the plot of the pit of pretentiousness and wolfaboo fan nuttery that is The Pack Forums the movie is about a werewolf who is tortured and conflicted about being a werewolf even though there are no actual drawbacks to being a werewolf who falls in love with a droopy human girl. However, their forbidden romance is threatened by the werewolf’s pack, who want to keep them seperated because their epic romances threatens the masquerade and because they’re assholes.

    So basically Twilight, Blood and Chocolate, Shiver, and every other stupid paranormal romance book and/or movie that has come out since the early nineties.

    I’m gonna go watch The Wolfman. Tell me how this works out latter.

  • Doruk Golcu

    Abandoned those boards a few years back, for reasons already mentioned here.

  • Koshiinian

    I got interested when I saw the original ad pic, the blonde arm and paw – it wasn’t a stupidly long fingered hand – why would a werewolf man hybrid have LONGER fingers?  Its dumb, they should be stubbier, not longer.  Anyway, it was such a nice change that I have kept half an eye out for it all this time.  Nice to see a handsome werewolf for once….

  • Koshiinian

    Sorry, meant wolf/man hybrid

  • Guest

    Don’t forget the romance is forbidden because, um, she might find out about werewolves. Even though they are all living pretty normal lives. In a densely populated city. With TV news articles talking about werewolves (watch the original trailer). So… yeah.

  • Misbegotten

    :3 About time someone picked this up again.
    If this makes as huge a hit as I hope those bastards that shot this project down will be wiser next turn.
    We need a werewolf movie that doesn’t in the end disappoint, I have renewed hope…

  • The people of The Pack are a little “precious” and the trailer is obnoxious, but more power to them if this movie gets made.  I prefer heroic werewolves myself so it would be cool to see this movie get made.  That said, I have yet to see a werewolf film done the way I imagine werewolves to be.  It’s not because my ideas are oh-so-great, but it’s just because we all have our own view on what werewolves are and what they should be like.  The more variations out there, the better for all fans.

  • nathan

    The original community who gave input on Freeborn were all die-hard werewolf fans. But over the years, it’s devolved into more of like a furry-werewolf fan hybrid…thing. It’s like its own trope born and nurtured on Deviantart.

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    From Anthony Brownrigg, The creator and director of the Freeborn Project, 

    Who whoa.. Okay.. I’ve just heard that pack members are flaming folks here? What? noooooo.. no no no say its not true…  I would like to issue an apology if it is from me to the owners, and moderators and individuals on this board.  Werewolves are werewolves and we all love em.. And there’s been a lot .. I mean a LOT of speculation as to ‘what’ freeborn actually IS… whether its a horror film or a furry film. 

    I have just posted a video on the freeborn youtube site that takes on that very topic.. A lot of opinions have been based on the ‘teaser trailer’ done in 2005. THAT is explained in this too. 

    Freeborn – The Controversy (the Great Horror vs. Furry werewolf smackdown!)youtube.com/freebornthemovie

    Believe me, while not a horror film directly, there will be blood. 

  • Emjade13

    Take a look at the latest regarding the Freeborn movie

  • I don’t know if we need yet another Twilight/Vampire Diaries/ romance/drama psuedo horror film. That particular segment of the genre seems rather full at the moment.

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    I quite agree.. there is a lot of blood in this. We expect this film to get an R for violence.. that help? While its a drama, its far from a teen romance.