Has fan-driven werewolf film “Freeborn” been resurrected?

It’s been dormant for years, but it looks like Anthony Brownrigg‘s fan-driven werewolf film Freeborn is getting back on track. A video announcing the project’s resurrection has surfaced, with what looks like a little bit of new footage.

It makes sense that a film with a fan-influenced script would solicit funding from those same fans. There’s no specific IndieGoGo link for the project yet, but the crowdsource-funding site’s prominent presence in the video and the mention of a February 1st “launch” on the film’s Facebook page would indicate an upcoming campaign to get things moving again. For more info, keep an eye on The Pack’s Den, the forum where many of the film’s supporters (including Brownrigg) gather.

“The Pack” seems to be comprised largely of fans who like their werewolves to look mystical/majestic, rather than monstrous (and who yell at me here and on Twitter for preferring the latter), but I am cautiously optimistic. A werewolf film with this much community input could be terrific.

No word on how much money needs to be raised or if anything they’ve already shot will be used.