Great werewolf cover art for “Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave” issue 3

Nothing too earth-shattering here, just some sweet art to check out on a lazy Friday when you should be working. Yes, you. No, Google Reader doesn’t count as work. Anyway. Dread Central has a sneak peak at the cover of Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave issue #3, which comes out this October. To quote Kris Straub (who wasn’t talking about this, but I love how he says this line in TMH so whatever): you’re gonna like it.

Did you like it? I liked it. Billy, you’re fucked. I’m looking forward to reading this. Check out Monsterverse for more details on the “Tales from the Grave” series – their site is still showing issue #2, but hopefully they’ll update it soon.

If you’re curious, David Hartman is responsible for this deliciously malevolent cover, and I recommend you check out his site for even more excellent horror art (hint: frequent werewolves).

via Dread Central