“Strippers vs. Werewolves” is a movie that is happening. Sorry.

Dread Central has the exclusive first word and concept art for a film that sounds like just the thing to take Mom to see on her birthday: “Strippers vs. Werewolves”. Producer Jonathan Sothcott has this to say:

Werewolves are the hardest monsters to get right on film – and I don’t just mean the special effects. Straight werewolf movies often come across as outrageous comedies – Howling 2, Silver Bullet, etc., and werewolf comedies don’t tend to be cinematic gold (though I have a soft spot for the delirious Haunted Honeymoon), but I’m enough of a genre buff to know that this one’s very special indeed and is going to be brilliant fun – think Shaun of the Dead meets Bitchslap in the style of The Howling, and you’re getting the idea.

I’m getting a few ideas, and they all start with me holding my poor head in my hands and end with me yelling a lot. The whole “vs.” thing only works if there’s a natural tension between the combatants or if it’s a particularly clever pairing. This doesn’t strike me as clever, and I don’t think strippers and lycanthropes are enemies (in as much as either entity can get along with others). I just can’t imagine this is going to work out well, especially given the “concept art”, which looks like the result of a quick search on Renderotica.com and five minutes in Photoshop. I love being wrong about these things, though!

Hat tip: ArcLight