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“Strippers Vs. Werewolves” cast & a cool poster

According to its Facebook page and a post on Fangoria, British horror-comedy Strippers Vs. Werewolves has wrapped and will be released sometime before Spring 2012. The last time I posted about this film I was pretty mean, but I think I had just cause: there were no details on casting or story, and the poster/concept art was… not encouraging. But all of that has changed, and (as I’ve so often done lately) I am retracting some of my shitty comments.

A new poster has been released, which Fangoria describes as “Ali Bastian as stripper Danni, aiming a shotgun at Martin Kemp as werewolf Mickey”. It looks fun, and it’s certainly more evocative and stylistically interesting than previous posters.

On the casting side of this, I’ve spotted two names that I’m kind of excited about: Robert Englund and Alan Ford (bonus points if you can guess which werewolf movie Ford was in without looking at his IMDB page). Also appearing: Barbara Nedeljakova, Sarah Douglas, Adele Silva, Lucy Pinder, Ali Bastian, Steven Berkoff, Nick Nevern, Danica Thrall, Simon Phillips, Billy Murray and Joe Egan.

And what’s the film about, other than the obvious?

When werewolf chief Mickey is accidentally killed in a strip club the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolfpack seek murderous retribution…

Okay, yeah, I’d watch that. Would you?

Yes you would.

“Strippers vs. Werewolves” is a movie that is happening. Sorry.

Dread Central has the exclusive first word and concept art for a film that sounds like just the thing to take Mom to see on her birthday: “Strippers vs. Werewolves”. Producer Jonathan Sothcott has this to say:

Werewolves are the hardest monsters to get right on film – and I don’t just mean the special effects. Straight werewolf movies often come across as outrageous comedies – Howling 2, Silver Bullet, etc., and werewolf comedies don’t tend to be cinematic gold (though I have a soft spot for the delirious Haunted Honeymoon), but I’m enough of a genre buff to know that this one’s very special indeed and is going to be brilliant fun – think Shaun of the Dead meets Bitchslap in the style of The Howling, and you’re getting the idea.

I’m getting a few ideas, and they all start with me holding my poor head in my hands and end with me yelling a lot. The whole “vs.” thing only works if there’s a natural tension between the combatants or if it’s a particularly clever pairing. This doesn’t strike me as clever, and I don’t think strippers and lycanthropes are enemies (in as much as either entity can get along with others). I just can’t imagine this is going to work out well, especially given the “concept art”, which looks like the result of a quick search on Renderotica.com and five minutes in Photoshop. I love being wrong about these things, though!

Hat tip: ArcLight

Wolves of Odin Preview & Pre-order

For those of you who agree that “werewolf versus viking” is the new “werewolf versus vampire”, rejoice! Grant Gould has posted six preview pages of his upcoming Wolves of Odin graphic novel, which is due out in November.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy, you’ll find Wolves of Odin in the September edition of Previews magazine, on page 318. Its Diamond Order Code is SEP084260, and you can use that order code to get Wolves through Previews, or directly from any comic retailer who knows what’s up.

Wolves of Odin: Werewolves vs. Vikings!

Werewolves and vikings, together at last! In a move seemingly inspired by a heavy metal song (but actually inspired by a wander through Barnes & Noble), comic illustrator Grant Gould is working on a graphic novella titled Wolves of Odin.