“Wolf Boy”, the 99¢ 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up turn-into-a-werewolf iPhone app

Get it here. If the post title doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, here’s some text cribbed from the Touch Arcade review (which you should read in its entirety):

Wolf Boy is a single plane side-scrolling brawler similar to games like Zombieville USA and Twin Blades. The actual gameplay is rather simplistic, but it features a really appealing art style and best of all it allows you to change from a cute (albeit angry) little boy into a ferocious werewolf to dispatch the many enemies in the game.

The review (and some of the customer comments) make it sound like the game’s simple (and somewhat repetitive) mechanic is compensated for by the graphics, the upgrade system (improve your “boy” and “werewolf” stats independent of each other) and the pure fun of turning into a werewolf to destroy everything on the screen. Plus, it’s a dollar. A dollar. I just paid more than that for a can of Fresca. If it amuses you for five minutes it’s probably paid for itself. I know if I had an iPhone or an iPod Touch (or yes, an iPad) I wouldn’t be writing this post right now… I’d be upgrading my werewolf’s Transformation Time stat.

Hat tip: ArcLight