Jim Bycznski’s Work in Progress: a Life-Sized “Wolfman” Display Figure

In December I got an email and some photos from Jim Bycznski, founder of what might be the coolest program to ever grace the curriculum of a high school. Jim was inspired by the (then) imminent release of The Wolfman and he and his crew began working on a life-sized display figure of the titular beast. This weekend I got a few more photos of their progress– “Legs have been molded and casted, teeth made, and the body will be fabricated soon,” Jim writes. Here are seven shots of the process. Look on this, and wonder why your high school wasn’t this cool.

If I’d had access to a program like this when I was in high school, my career path would have been very different. You can see a gallery of more BHSFX work here– there are some more werewolves, if you look closely! Thanks for sharing, Jim.