“Puss ‘N Boots” Movie Poster by Glen Ostrander

Puss N Boots by Glen Ostrander
[click for full version]

Glen Ostrander submitted this image back in April, and with the recent discussion of whether Michael Jackson was a werewolf or a werecat in the Thriller video, the time seemed right to post it. “I recently created a pastiche type horror movie poster”, Glen writes, “for a weekly challenge at a website I contribute to called Conceptart.org. The challenge was to design a character based off of Puss in Boots.” From the moonlit sky to the dramatic transformation poses, there’s a lot of werewolf in this were-cat picture! I particularly like the typography on the full-sized version– I can easily see this as a poster for a 1980’s horror film. You can see more of Glen’s wonderfully visceral artwork (including some awesome zombies) on his blog, and in this Conceptart.org forum thread. Thanks for sharing this, Glen, and sorry for taking so long to post it!