Three “13 Hrs” Werewolf Costumes Being Designed By Lifecast

It looks like the werewolves in the Tom Felton / Isabella Calthorpe film 13 Hrs. are being designed by Lifecast, a family-run special effects / lifecasting / creature costume studio just north of London. According to this post on the Lifecast site, the Lifecast crew were charged with “creating 3 werewolf costumes in 3 weeks….. from scratch”. Accompanying the post are several photos of Isabella Calthorpe sitting for her head / body cast, which Lifecast will then use to turn her into a “she wolf”. Presumably the other two werewolves mentioned are Felton and Simon McCorkindale. Hopefully we’ll see some completed werewolf effects soon– based on the other work Lifecast has done, they really know their stuff. Thanks to Dig at The Werewolf Café for the link!