Aeria Games to Publish Wolf Team in North America and Europe

This afternoon I received a message from Melodie Leonard at Aeria Games out of California. She sent me a press release announcing that Aeria has acquired the license for Wolf Team, a post about which you might recall from last month. Read on for the full text of the press release, or dig on this summary: Aeria is one of the top publishers of Free-to-Play online games in North America and Europe, and they will be releasing English- and German-language versions of Wolf Team later this summer. Here’s hoping for an OS X client!

Aeria Games has acquired first-person-shooter Wolf Team, the newest Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (FPS) developed by Softnyx, for release in both North America and Europe. Aeria will initially be launching the game in English and then later in German.

In the Sci-Fi themed Wolf Team, players log in to become superhuman werewolves, joining a clan and transforming into formidable beasts for speed, agility, the ability to scale sheer walls, among other enhanced biological features based on species. In human form, players have an array of high-powered weapons and elaborate maps at their disposal, where they fight for survival to increase rank and unlock new content. Strategy becomes crucial as players use the advantages granted in both forms to gain advantage in their battles. Wolf Team also offers customization of weaponry, seven modes, and fifteen different maps to keep content fresh and appealing to gamers of all skill levels.

Set to be released in late summer, the free-to-play Wolf Team promises an exhilarating FPS gaming experience with the high quality service and support known to Aeria Games. Wolf Team, Aeria Games’ first FPS, will join a list of successful free-to-play MMOs published by Aeria Games including Twelve Sky 2, Shaiya, Last Chaos and Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online and Hello Kitty Online.