WolfTeam: Counterstrike, But With Werewolves

Today I came across this hackenslash post that talks about a new online first-person shooter called WolfTeam.

WolfTeam plays similar to most first-person shooter games but adds some elements of fantasy and science fiction; instead of ordinary humans soldiers with weapons, players can transform into werewolves that are more resilient against weapons but themselves are unable to carry any while in this state.

Characters that transform into werewolves are able to move faster, jump higher and can climb walls. They use their claws instead to attack enemies.

The game was developed by South Korean developer softnyx for Internet cafes in the Philippines. It’s totally free (although sadly it’s only for Windows), and I’m downloading the client now. If it’s anywhere near as awesome as it sounds, I’ll be sure to post about it here. I have the fingers of one hand crossed and the other on WASD.