“The Wolfman” Werewolf Fight Scene Re-Shoot + Potential Spoiler

This may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but Dark Horizons has an interesting reader-submitted scoop about some additional filming being done for The Wolfman. Apparently stuntman Vic Armstrong is doing some stunts and acting as second-unit director for a CG-heavy werewolf fight scene being shot (or re-shot) at Pinewood Studios. Read on for an interesting detail (and potential spoiler) that this news brings to light.

According to Dark Horizon’s source, Armstrong “described the scene as a fight scene between two werewolves involving a fair amount of CG with them going up the walls and other bits of business, and that they had to marry it up to scenes shot earlier.” Two werewolves!? That’s news to me! Who could the second werewolf be? Sir John Talbot? Detective Aberline? Dare I say it– Gwen Conliffe?