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“The Wolfman” Werewolf Fight Scene Re-Shoot + Potential Spoiler

This may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but Dark Horizons has an interesting reader-submitted scoop about some additional filming being done for The Wolfman. Apparently stuntman Vic Armstrong is doing some stunts and acting as second-unit director for a CG-heavy werewolf fight scene being shot (or re-shot) at Pinewood Studios. Read on for an interesting detail (and potential spoiler) that this news brings to light.


Test Screening of “The Wolfman” Gets Positive Reviews

Ain’t It Cool News has posted three reviews from people who attended a test screening of The Wolfman in New Mexico last week, and the reviews are largely positive. Some excerpts:

…even in its pretty unfinished state tonight, this movie was satisfying and scary and has huge potential if they address a few things…

…Obviously, I quite liked this film. Perhaps they could tighten it here and there (I think it ran like 1 hour 50 mins) but I was surprised at its ‘brain over braun’ approach and really hope that it finds its deserved audience this coming Summer.

…it is with great pleasure that I send this review of what I thought was a high minded, tremendous and incredibly SCARY work to you tonight.

Sounds promising! You can read three reviews (warning – spoilers!) here.

Never Cry Werewolf, Again.

ArcLight was kind enough to point out that the infamous made-for-TV werewolf movie Never Cry Werewolf will once again be showing on SciFi today at 9 P.M. local time. Whether this is a good thing or not is open to interpretation. After finally managing to see it last week (don’t ask how, lest the CMPDA come knocking on my door), I think I’ll be watching Heroes on DVD instead.

Never Cry Werewolf on SciFi Tomorrow

SciFi Channel will be playing Peace Arch Entertainment’s werewolf movie Never Cry Werewolf at 9 P.M. on Sunday, May 11th. Thanks for the tip, ArcLight.