Two Werewolf Novel Series to Transform from Page to Screen

I wanted let you know about two book series that involve werewolves and which might be making the transition to television or film– one for young adults, and one for mature adults.

The first item comes from a Publishers Weekly post about books being shopped around for translation to film. Wolven is a ‘planned trilogy’ by author Di Toft, the first book of which is set to be released later this year by The Chicken House (a U.K.-based subsidiary of Scholastic). Wolvens are described as being “werewolves in reverse” (a popular topic lately!), and the trilogy revolves around a boy and his wolven friend “out to save the world from a gang trying to turn shape-shifting creatures into weapons”. According to the PW article, there’s already a lot of interest in the manuscript from various producers and financiers.

The second series is one that’s probably already occupying the shelves of many Werewolf News readers. The Boston Sci-Fi Examiner is reporting that Laurell K. Hamilton‘s popular (and steamy) Anita Blake series is being adapted to the small screen by the Independent Film Channel in conjunction with Lionsgate Films. The books chronicle the adventures of a Federal Marshal in an alternate reality where werewolves, vampires, faeries and other supernatural creatures exist. No word on casting or a production schedule yet, but when I know, you’ll know.