One Year of Werewolf News

I was abroad last week and didn’t notice the date until last night, but Werewolf News had its first birthday on March 26th. That’s really trippy to me– it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since a Photoshopped picture of David Duchovny and the first photos of Benicio del Toro as The Wolf Man motivated me to register this domain and fire up WordPress. It’s been a lot of work, but even more fun, especially since I get to see all kinds of weird and wacky werewolf stuff every week– stuff I probably wouldn’t have known about if I wasn’t actively searching it out to share with you.

Speaking of you, I owe you some thanks. This site gets way more daily readers than I ever would have expected, and the fact that I get yelled at when I slack off for too long is a sign that there really are people out there like me– people interested in the minutae of werewolf costumes and art, people eager to see our furry, fanged friends gain more and more quality exposure in the world. So thanks, everyone. You keep reading the news (and sending it in), and I’ll keep posting it!