“Untitled (Dark)” by David Altmejd

Untitled (Dark) by David Altmejd
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David Altmejd’s sculptures are some of the freakiest, most mesmerizing examples of art I’ve ever seen. The piece shown above, “Untitled (Dark)”, is part of Altmejd’s exhibit at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York.

He doesn’t have an official web site other than the Andrea Rosen Gallery page, so I’m reduced to quoting from his Wikipedia entry:

Altmejd’s sculptures mix seemingly random objects such as decapitated werewolf heads with graffiti-style Stars of David, stained Calvin Klein underwear, towers made of mirrors, plastic flowers and faux jewelry, to create sculptural systems loaded with what he calls “symbolic potential” and open ended narratives.

And yet behind the crystals and matted hair is a guy who loves werewolves!

Werewolf heads have appeared so frequently in his work that in the contemporary art world, they are widely recognized as being closely affiliated with this artist.

Altmejd’s work is turning heads in the world of modern art, and it pleases me to no end that he’s doing it (in part) with werewolves.