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See Mike Hill’s life-size, life-like “Aurora Wolfman” statue up close and personal

If you made it to Monsterpalooza last month, you probably saw Mike Hill‘s superb “Aurora Wolfman” statue in the hairy almost-flesh. I couldn’t make it, having used up all my vacation time for my HowlCon trip, but friend of Werewolf News @Hoof_Pony was there to save the day. (more…)

Universal Monsters Select Wolf Man action figure perfectly renders a boring icon

Diamond Select Toys has given Dread Central an exclusive look at three upcoming additions to its licensed Universal Monsters collection: the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and an original take on Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. They’re detailed, articulated, and totally not for me. (more…)

Animatronic Werewolf Mask by Gadget FX

Gadget FX is a special effects company based in Spain, and buried deep within their dreadfully Flash-based web site is a page dedicated to the creation of a whole-head animatronic werewolf mask. There are some photos of the sculpt and build process, and an interesting video that shows the whole effort from start to finish. I like this design a lot, except for those ridiculously large ears. What is it with that? Anyway, nice work, Gadget FX!

Update: Werewolf News reader Foxdie found a direct link to the video on YouTube, so I’ve embedded it here.

Kenshiro Suzuki Will School You

If you dug Kenshiro Suzuki’s awesome four-stage werewolf transformation sculpture, I strongly suggest you check out the four making-of videos he’s posted on his YouTube channel. Here’s one of them for your immediate viewing pleasure!

ZBrush Wolfman Speed-Sculpt

Daniel Lamontagne sent in this video of a 5-minute speed-sculpture he did of a werewolf, using ZBrush (which you might remember as Rick Baker’s weapon of choice for The Wolfman concept art). It’s rather amazing to watch how a few simple shapes can be poked, prodded and massaged into a detailed 3D model in less time than it takes for my tea to steep. Nice work, Daniel!

“Untitled (Dark)” by David Altmejd

Untitled (Dark) by David Altmejd
[click for full version]

David Altmejd’s sculptures are some of the freakiest, most mesmerizing examples of art I’ve ever seen. The piece shown above, “Untitled (Dark)”, is part of Altmejd’s exhibit at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York.

He doesn’t have an official web site other than the Andrea Rosen Gallery page, so I’m reduced to quoting from his Wikipedia entry:

Altmejd’s sculptures mix seemingly random objects such as decapitated werewolf heads with graffiti-style Stars of David, stained Calvin Klein underwear, towers made of mirrors, plastic flowers and faux jewelry, to create sculptural systems loaded with what he calls “symbolic potential” and open ended narratives.

And yet behind the crystals and matted hair is a guy who loves werewolves!

Werewolf heads have appeared so frequently in his work that in the contemporary art world, they are widely recognized as being closely affiliated with this artist.

Altmejd’s work is turning heads in the world of modern art, and it pleases me to no end that he’s doing it (in part) with werewolves.