Werewolf Pumpkin Designs

It’s nearly Halloween, which means it’s time to put some newspapers down on the kitchen table, roll up your sleeves and attack everyone’s favourite squash with your very best Henckel! And what better visage to carve into your pumpkin than a werewolf? If you need a little assistance in choosing the right werewolf design for your pumpkin, perhaps this gallery of werewolf pumpkin-carving designs will help. You’ll find links and credits below.

  1. Kathryn J. Hammond
  2. PurpleSharpie
  3. McGalio, from stock illustration on iStockPhoto.com
  4. Pumpkin Wayne
  5. John Anderson courtesy of intricateart.com
  6. Rick Heinz courtesy of intricateart.com
  7. klocean
  8. Fleur-de-louis
  9. Yano