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Target has Two Werewolf Halloween Props For Sale

When the time for Halloween comes around each year, I’m always disappointed by how little werewolf paraphernalia there is available. There’s plenty of vampire, ghost, mummy, and Frankenstein decorations, but the werewolf always seems to left behind.

Thankfully, Target stepped up to the plate this year and has introduced two werewolf statuettes for their Halloween decoration line.

This one is a werewolf “gargoyle” made out of polyester and painted to look like bronze. He stands 11.88 inches high and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This one is a werewolf bust made out of the same material and features red LED eyes. The bust measures 10.2 inches high.

There are also smaller versions of the two figures available, but for some reason they aren’t listed on Target’s website.

Grimm Brothers “Big Bad Wolf” Foam Latex Appliance

Grimm Brothers Big Bad Wolf Foam Latex Appliance

It’s never too early to start planning for Hallow’een. The Grimm Brothers (yes, they’re actually brothers) have just released this exclusive werewolf appliance for 2009. Check it out!

“Werewolf” by Steve Lambe

Werewolf by Steve Lambe
[click for full version]

This werewolf knows what Halloween is all about, and he’s here to remind you that the next one is only nine months away. Better get crackin’ on those wolfy costumes. You might consider his pants as a good starting point.

Steve Lambe is a kick-ass character designer out of Burbank, California. His official site is down for a redesign at the moment, but I strongly urge you to check out his blog, which is loaded with tons of amazing artwork– everything from monsters like this werewolf (who has adorned my desktop for the past three weeks) to Little Golden Book and Richard Scarry homages. Great stuff!

Werewolf Pumpkin Designs

It’s nearly Halloween, which means it’s time to put some newspapers down on the kitchen table, roll up your sleeves and attack everyone’s favourite squash with your very best Henckel! And what better visage to carve into your pumpkin than a werewolf? If you need a little assistance in choosing the right werewolf design for your pumpkin, perhaps this gallery of werewolf pumpkin-carving designs will help. You’ll find links and credits below.

  1. Kathryn J. Hammond
  2. PurpleSharpie
  3. McGalio, from stock illustration on iStockPhoto.com
  4. Pumpkin Wayne
  5. John Anderson courtesy of intricateart.com
  6. Rick Heinz courtesy of intricateart.com
  7. klocean
  8. Fleur-de-louis
  9. Yano

“Trick or Treat” by Steel

Trick or Treat by SteelC
[click for full version]

It’s October! Time for Halloween, tick-or-treating, lurking werewolves and skeletal trees with the full moon looming overhead. As you can see, artist Steel knows a thing or two about what October’s all about, and she’s combined them in this week’s featured piece of Werewolf Art, “Trick or Treat“. This image has a playful, storybook-picture feel that belies the ominous situation it illustrates. If this werewolf shows up at your door this Halloween, I recommend you give him something good, and save your raisins and apples for someone who won’t eat your face.

You can check out more of Steel’s art at her DeviantART page.