Restoring the Original American Werewolf

Twenty-seven years is a long time for a film prop to survive– especially one made of fragile foam latex and fake fur. When the werewolf prop from An American Werewolf in London started to show serious signs of wear and tear, the private collector who owned it called on Tom Spina to do some major restoration work.

Tom’s site has an excellent photo gallery and project diary detailing the process of repairing this important artifact from werewolf film history. His work is really quite amazing, and it’s a real treat to see this amazing prop up close.

An interesting postscript: this isn’t the only werewolf work Tom has done. Want to buy a life-like werewolf bust or a full-size werewolf statue? Tom Spina’s got you covered. On a totally unrelated note, I may start taking PayPal donations on this site soon. For… hosting costs. Yes.

Thanks for the tip, ArcLight.