“Little Red Riding Hood” by lessthanhuman

Red Riding Hood by lessthanhuman
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Consider photomanipulations. Specifically, consider the masterful work done by lessthanhuman, who has been blending humans and animals on DeviantArt since 2004. His most recent work, Red Riding Hood, is a prime example of what can be done with a little Photoshop, some decent source materials and ten tons of pure talent. Here Red Riding Hood is being menaced by the Wolf, but it’s clear that got a surprise in store for her assailant. This is the one time I’ve ever really rooted for Red in this scenario!

lessthanhuman’s work is beautiful in a way that goes far beyond the technical impressiveness of his photomaniputlation skills– he’s an artist whose work is portraiture of the finest type. Check out his other work on DeviantArt, and if you like what you see, keep in mind that you can commission him. Incredibly, his rates start at a paltry $40 US, so if you want to see what you’d look like as a werewolf (or other animal hybrid), now’s your chance.