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“Tales of the Wolfman” returns, bigger, badder and cuter than ever before

After last year’s unsuccessful but encouraging campaign, Tales of the Wolfman has returned to Kickstarter with a bigger, badder, more adorable campaign that’s jam-packed with even monsters and fairytale creatures. (more…)

Legohaulic’s Astounding “Little Red Riding Hood” Lego Scene, Including Articulated Wolf

Werewolf News reader Crimson Beast sent me a link to this mind-blowing Lego creation by Tyler Clites, aka Legohaulic. Click the photo below for a slightly larger version, or visit the photo set on Flickr for two alternate views. Check out that monster! Check out those insane trees!

Legohaulic built this stunner in December 2010 as an entry in the Fairy Tale category of The Classic Castle’s CCCVIII contest, presumably from stock Lego parts. He doesn’t seem to have a web site or definitive profile anywhere, but Legohaulic’s Flickr gallery and Brickshelf gallery both show much more of his work (I love the Back to the Future DeLorean). Also on Flickr is a look at the werewolf on its own.

If instructions were available I’d be hitting up Pick a Brick right now. Nice work, Tyler!

Like Steak For Your Mind: Recent Werewolf News Tidbits

I’m still getting caught up on all of the cool werewolf stuff that’s gone down over the past two weeks. Here’s a few bones for you lycanthrope fans to chew on until tomorrow!

  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way has obtained the rights to a “gothic reimagining” of Little Red Riding Hood by Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson. No further details yet, other than the fact that DiCaprio probably won’t be starring.
  • ShockTilYouDrop.com’s sources indicate that Underworld 4 may be the first film of a new Underworld trilogy that continues the modern-day story of Selene, the vampire played by Kate Beckinsale in the first two Underworld films.
  • Game developer Destineer announces “Alien Monster Bowling League” for the Wii, out this fall. “Take to the lanes against various aliens and legendary monsters like werewolves, vampires, zombies and more!” Sounds like bowling with a Mutant League Football twist, which means I’ll be buying it the minute it’s out.
  • There are some new production stills from the oft-delayed Wolfman movie, starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. No werewolf (sorry, wolfman) content other than a menacing silhouette in one of the photos, but it’s nice to see some movement where this film is concerned. Visit the official Wolfman move site to check out the photos.
  • According to Cinematical, House of the Wolf Man, which made a tremendous impression at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, is getting a limited theatrical release on October 1st. I don’t see any mention of this on the film’s MySpace or Facebook pages, but I hope it’s true!

    Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have

    John Tebbutt of Fast Forward Weekly recently posted a great article about the history of the Little Red Riding Hood story as told in various films over the past 80 years. While not strictly about werewolves, it’s a great look at the role that “wolves”, both animal and human, have played in motion pictures. Worth a read, and it might help you expand your rental list.

    The Phantom Limb – Albert Fish and Werewolf Marionettes

    Haverty Marionettes is “Atlanta’s first and only theater company dedicated solely to the creation of puppetry for adult audiences”, and their current show, The Phantom Limb, is garnering positive attention. What’s it about, and how is it related to werewolves? From the Haverty site:

    [The Phantom Limb is] an account of events in the life of Mr. Albert Fish, the ‘Brooklyn Werewolf’. Life-size and miniature wooden marionettes, live actors, 2D cut-outs and silhouette film combine to create a surreal dream world weaving fairy tales and historical fact into an unconventional exploration of morality, fantasy, and the capacity in nature for evil.

    Grim stuff, but by the looks of things, it’s presented in a fascinating way. According to the review on Creative Loafing, the show includes “short puppet-based vignettes that riff on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Peter and the Wolf’… [and] The wolf puppet features an intriguingly half-human design.” Here’s a closer look at the wolf and Red Riding Hood puppets (photos by Stephanie Richardson):



    The Phantom Limb is playing at 7 Stages in Atlanta, March 13 through April 5. I’ll post more ticket and showtime info shortly!

    “Little Red Riding Hood” by lessthanhuman

    Red Riding Hood by lessthanhuman
    [click for full version]

    Consider photomanipulations. Specifically, consider the masterful work done by lessthanhuman, who has been blending humans and animals on DeviantArt since 2004. His most recent work, Red Riding Hood, is a prime example of what can be done with a little Photoshop, some decent source materials and ten tons of pure talent. Here Red Riding Hood is being menaced by the Wolf, but it’s clear that got a surprise in store for her assailant. This is the one time I’ve ever really rooted for Red in this scenario!

    lessthanhuman’s work is beautiful in a way that goes far beyond the technical impressiveness of his photomaniputlation skills– he’s an artist whose work is portraiture of the finest type. Check out his other work on DeviantArt, and if you like what you see, keep in mind that you can commission him. Incredibly, his rates start at a paltry $40 US, so if you want to see what you’d look like as a werewolf (or other animal hybrid), now’s your chance.