Eva Gordon’s Werewolf Fiction

Author Eva Gordon sent in this note late last week:

I’m an author of fantasy/paranormal novels. My debut novel The Stone of The Tenth Realm‘s main male character is a Scottish Werewolf, Logan MacLeod, and he has to kick ass to set things right.

I was checking out Eva’s site, and noticed that she has a background in biology, environmental science and anatomy/physiology, and she’s also worked at a wolf sanctuary. This range of knowledge and experience could make for some extremely detailed and interesting werewolves, and I asked her how she applied this knowledge to her writing. She replies:

…my background in the biological sciences has certainly influenced my writings. I’ve read a few paranormal novels about wolves and I often cringe because some wolf biology and behaviors are off. I’m more lax with lycan characters because they are the author’s own creative invention. In my just released novel, my werewolf was cursed, but when he joins a pack of real wolves he behaves as they do. In my current work in process, The Wolf Maiden Chronicles my lycans are genetic and I even drew out a pedigree and punnet square (biology 101) before writing the first one, Werewolf Sanctuary, which is under consideration with a publisher at this moment.

It’s always a pleasure to see writers approaching the subject of werewolves with care and interest, particularly when they’ve got real-world knowledge to help shape the characters. You can find Eva’s first published novel, The Stone of The Tenth Realm, on Amazon.