Ninja Gaiden II Lycanthope Pictures

Ninja Gaiden II, the sequel to 2004’s Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, contains werewolves. Lots of them. In fact, one might infer from the available screenshots that the game’s main activity consists of decapitating lycanthropes as flamboyantly as possible, with requisite Monty Pythonesque gouts of blood. Yet despite their disposable nature, the lycanthropes in Ninja Gaiden II seem to have a great deal of care and attention to detail in their design. Here are two particularly noteworthy images from GameSpy and IGN.

Here’s Volf, Ruler of Storms and one of the Four Greater Fiends:

Volf, Werewolf from Ninja Gaiden II

And here Ryu discusses economics with several werewolves:

Ninja Gaiden II werewolves

Ninja Gaiden II comes out on June 3rd 2008, exclusively for Xbox 360.