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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screenshots (in Which a Werewolf is Beaten Up)

Everything old is new again, even Castlevania. I spent the summer of 1987 hitting things with Simon Belmont’s whip, and now Kanomi is rebooting the series so that today’s gamers can hit things with Gabriel Belmont’s whip. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is being developed for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, and should be out later this year. Here are two screenshots from a batch that Kanomi recently released (thanks, CinemaBlend), and they’re the only two that show any combat. Fortunately(?) that combat is against a werewolf. Click madly on the images below for (much) larger versions.

More Sonic Unleashed Screenshots (with Extra Werewolf Goodness)

CVG has posted fifteen new Sonic Unleashed screenshots, officially released by Sega as part of their continued effort to show that for the first time since Sonic & Knuckles, they’re trying really hard to make a Sonic game that doesn’t suck.

The game’s not out yet, so I can’t attest to the game’s playability, but from the looks of the screenshots, it’s gonna be gorgeous. As an added bonus that makes the game relevant to this site, ten of the fifteen screenshots show Sonic in his werewolf form, whomping the hell out of his foes.

For those who don’t know, Sonic Unleashed is being released for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 18th 2008. An alternate version for the Wii will be released at the same time.

Legendary Werewolf Image Gallery

If you’re interested in the werewolves in Legendary The Game (formerly Legendary – The Box), Kotaku has a great werewolf-centric screenshot gallery up. The poster, Mike Fahey, mentions that the werewolves look exactly like the ones that plagued his childhood nightmares, and many of the commenters on the gallery express similar sentiments. Did any of you have werewolf nightmares when you were kids?

Ninja Gaiden II Lycanthope Pictures

Ninja Gaiden II, the sequel to 2004’s Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, contains werewolves. Lots of them. In fact, one might infer from the available screenshots that the game’s main activity consists of decapitating lycanthropes as flamboyantly as possible, with requisite Monty Pythonesque gouts of blood. Yet despite their disposable nature, the lycanthropes in Ninja Gaiden II seem to have a great deal of care and attention to detail in their design. Here are two particularly noteworthy images from GameSpy and IGN.