The Wolf Man: Empire Magazine Interviews Producer Scott Stuber

Empire Magazine has just done a great interview with Scott Stuber, producer of The Wolf Man. I was going to write a bit of commentary on Stuber’s very encouraging remarks, but he says so many positive things that I’d wind up essentially reprinting the whole interview here. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of positive talk about Benicio Del Toro’s enthusiasm. the careful way in which they’ve expanded the story, and Rick Baker’s work on the Wolf Man makeup (no CG effects!).

On Benicio’s involvement:

Benicio’s a huge Wolfman fan. He’s kind of the origin of this thing. The Wolfman is one of his favourite movies of all time – he’s got Wolfman memorabilia all over his house. He’s just someone who has a real passion for this.

Read the entire interview at Empire Online.