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Another gorgeous Mondo poster for “The Wolf Man”

Here’s another wonderful piece of fine art werewolfery from Mondo, those magicians of film and pop culture artifacts. Mondo commissions incredible artists to produce poster artwork for cult / classic films and TV shows, and then burns through a run of limited edition prints in a flash sale designed to make collectors with slow internet connections cry bitter tears. (more…)

Detail shots for limited edition Mondo “The Wolf Man” poster + sale info

Via Daily Dead and the Mondo Blog, here’s a look at the limited edition Mondo poster for The Wolf Man, designed by Laurent Durieux. This 24″ x 36″ poster is part of Mondo’s UNIVERSAL MONSTERS show, and is limited to 380 prints. (more…)

“House of the Wolf Man” DVD pre-order on Amazon – old school moves!

Around this time last year, I was telling you about “House of the Wolf Man”, the “good old fashioned monster movie” that was shot in 2009 but purposely looks like it spent the last 65 years sitting in a Universal film vault. It stars Ron Chaney (the grandson of the original Wolf Man, Lon Chaney, Jr) and is an independent effort to complete the Universal horror “House Of” triptych, which officially only covered Frankenstein and Dracula. by Now I’m telling you about it again, because the DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon. It costs $17.99 US and ships September 28, 2010. This is great news for people who didn’t get a chance to see it at SDCC last year. That is to say, people like me.

Eight Werewolves NYTimes.com Would Like to Bring to Your Attention

NYTimes.com has posted a just-snarky-enough-for-the-Internet breakdown of eight canonical movie werewolves (well, seven plus that bland New Moon guy). The author (Dave Itzkoff) watched the films with enough attention to detail to produce some wry comments, but I think the best one of the lot comes early.

[1941’s Wolf Man] Talbot meets his end at the wrong end of a silver walking stick wielded by his father who, while disappointed in his son’s lifestyle, probably never intended to club him to death.


Universal Legacy Edition of “The Wolf Man” Available Now

Whenever one of my favourite bands is about to release a new record, I make a point of listening through their entire discography as a sort of warm-up to the main event. I find savouring the new creation all the more enjoyable while the history of the material is fresh in my mind (yes, fine, I’m a geek, but don’t act like you don’t do it too). In that spirit, you might wish to prepare for the 12th by checking out the Universal Legacy Edition of “The Wolf Man”. Although this is the third time in a decade that Universal has re-released the 1941 classic, it sounds like this might be the edition worth buying. In addition to a new restoration of the film itself, the 2-disc set contains all of the bonus material available on 2004’s Legacy Collection version, plus two new documentaries (one on Lon Chaney Jr., the other on the history of werewolf movies). Not bad for twenty bucks!

Thanks to Macabri for the link.

2010 Werewolf Calendar

It looks like artists like Dark Natasha, Goldenwolf, and Synnabar have joined forces to become a lycanthropic strikeforce of pure awesome… and create a werewolf-themed calendar for 2010. Check out their well-drawn and nuanced images at WerewolfCalendar.com.

Like Steak For Your Mind: Recent Werewolf News Tidbits

I’m still getting caught up on all of the cool werewolf stuff that’s gone down over the past two weeks. Here’s a few bones for you lycanthrope fans to chew on until tomorrow!

  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way has obtained the rights to a “gothic reimagining” of Little Red Riding Hood by Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson. No further details yet, other than the fact that DiCaprio probably won’t be starring.
  • ShockTilYouDrop.com’s sources indicate that Underworld 4 may be the first film of a new Underworld trilogy that continues the modern-day story of Selene, the vampire played by Kate Beckinsale in the first two Underworld films.
  • Game developer Destineer announces “Alien Monster Bowling League” for the Wii, out this fall. “Take to the lanes against various aliens and legendary monsters like werewolves, vampires, zombies and more!” Sounds like bowling with a Mutant League Football twist, which means I’ll be buying it the minute it’s out.
  • There are some new production stills from the oft-delayed Wolfman movie, starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. No werewolf (sorry, wolfman) content other than a menacing silhouette in one of the photos, but it’s nice to see some movement where this film is concerned. Visit the official Wolfman move site to check out the photos.
  • According to Cinematical, House of the Wolf Man, which made a tremendous impression at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, is getting a limited theatrical release on October 1st. I don’t see any mention of this on the film’s MySpace or Facebook pages, but I hope it’s true!

    House of the Wolf Man

    House of the Wolfman

    Late last week, Nuke The Fridge got the scoop on Eben McGarr‘s retro-fantastic indie film House of the Wolf Man, starring (among others) Ron Chaney, the grandson of the original Wolf Man, Lon Chaney, Jr.

    “Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Chaney) has invited five people to his castle to see which of them will inherit his estate. He has arranged for a competition of sorts, the victor shall be determined through process of… elimination,” McGarr tells Bloody-Disgusting. “The film was shot in black and white, 1:33 aspect ratio and is a good old fashioned monster movie that you could bring your kids to.”

    If you missed Chaney and McGarr at the San Diego Comic Con (apparently they were there, but schedule details are sketchy), Bloody-Disgusting has the convention trailer, and you’ll find more amazing (and super-hi-res) photos like the one above here. NukeTheFridge.com also has some great shots of the monsters.

    I don’t know about you, but seeing these photos and watching the trailer made me grin ear-to-ear. Thanks to NukeTheFridge.com, ArcLight and Bloody-Disgusting for the info.

    Grimm Brothers “Big Bad Wolf” Foam Latex Appliance

    Grimm Brothers Big Bad Wolf Foam Latex Appliance

    It’s never too early to start planning for Hallow’een. The Grimm Brothers (yes, they’re actually brothers) have just released this exclusive werewolf appliance for 2009. Check it out!

    More Mezco Wolf Man Photos

    Mezco 12-Inch Wolf Man Figure - Bloody

    Figures.com has posted some new photos of the 7- and 12-inch Mezco Wolf Man figures, including wicked-looking “bloody” variants of each. Mezco’s detail pages for these figures don’t include any info on the bloody versions, so I’m not sure when or how they’ll be made available, but rest assured, when I know, you’ll know. Of further note is Mezco’s ship dates for these: the 7-inch version now ships “mid to late October 2009″, probably to coincide with the film’s release date, but the 12-inch version apparently still ships in late April. I’m not sure if that’s an oversight or a deliberate decision, but in any case you can still pre-order both versions. Thanks for the tip, ArcLight.