Steve Carell fights a werewolf in “Anchorman 2”

A. Quinton — Jan. 4th 2014

If you’re like me and you haven’t seen a film in theatres for ages because movie theatres are terrible places filled with stupid noisy bad people, here’s a good reason to strap into your Social Anxiety Suit and go see Anchorman 2: it contains a scene in which Steve Carell and James Marsden fight a werewolf. As proof, here are some on-set photos stolen from Pacific Coast News, who stole them from the set they absolutely weren’t supposed to be on. Viva el Internet!

Edit: actually, it’s a were-hyena, depicted with the same costume that was made and then cut from Blade: Trinity. Thanks to Lew, Lunarcarnivore and Meaninglez for pointing that out.

steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-1 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-2 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-3 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-4 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-5 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-7 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-6 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-8 steve-carell-james-marsden-anchorman-9

That werewolf suit looks a little like the top half of the werewolf from The Cabin In The Woods, but with more shredded Oxford shirt and a need for some styling product. I like it! I still think Steve’s going to come out on top in that fight, though.

  • Lew

    It reminds me a bit of the werewolf/werehyena that was cut from Blade 3!

  • Meaninglez

    It’s actually the same costume. They even call it a werehyena in the film.
    The scene with him is actually pretty short though.

  • Lew

    Hah, awesome. Too bad it’s a short scene, though.

  • Fenris Lupa

    This is gonna be epic….

    Does anyone see the pot belly on the Wolf in the 7th pic?

    Lol…too many Red Wolf beers huh?