Syfy’s “Battledogs”: when CG werewolves battle helicopters, who wins?

A. Quinton — May. 16th 2013

Fresh from horror/sci-fi film cheese factory The Asylum comes the latest made-for-Syfy TV movie to star some recognizable faces and CG werewolves: Battledogs. I have not seen it yet, but the “New York suffers a lycanthropy pandemic and the President is concerned” synopsis makes me wonder why The Asylum is ripping off an awesome book instead of a blockbuster movie. Here’s the trailer, which isn’t shy about showing off the werewolf action (and Bill Duke looking pensive in the back of a car).

Battledogs stars Craig Sheffer (who I actually though was a more rugged David Borenaz) Ariana Richards (Lex “This is Unix” Murphy from Jurassic Park), Wes Studi (Sphinx from Mystery Men), and Bill Duke, who antagonized Arnie in Running Man, dry-shaved in Predator and apparently never ages.

Judging solely from what’s visible in the trailer, I like the werewolf design, but the CG looks appropriately made-for-TV.

Did you see Battledogs? What did you think? Better or worse than Syfy’s other werewolf offering, Red: Werewolf Hunter?

  • Horrible just as bad as Red and American Werewolf in Paris if not worse! On top of full CGI werewolves….ugh.

  • Tah the Trickster

    ah, c’mon now, you’re missing Syfy’s best werewolf flick “Project: Metalbeast”
    the werewolf looks like an awkward cross of human/wolf/gorilla/porcupine, it’s fantastic

  • AlexGoneLoco

    This looks silly as heck, and in the way that I love! I’ll be catching it!

  • Lew

    They remade MetalBEast and didn’t tell me?!

  • Lew

    It was very corny and the CGI was typically godawful, but if you turn your brain off it was entertaining enough. Nice to see some variation from the usual “woe is me I’m cursed” and “vampire vs werewolf” storylines.

  • Craig J. Clark

    I actually have this sitting on my DVR just waiting for the next full moon. You can expect a full report sometime over the summer, which I’m dedicating to Syfy’s werewolf movie offerings.

  • Craig J. Clark

    Fear not, Lew. There is only one Project: Metalbeast.

  • Lew

    Alrighty, then. XD