Syfy’s “Battledogs”: when CG werewolves battle helicopters, who wins?

Fresh from horror/sci-fi film cheese factory The Asylum comes the latest made-for-Syfy TV movie to star some recognizable faces and CG werewolves: Battledogs. I have not seen it yet, but the “New York suffers a lycanthropy pandemic and the President is concerned” synopsis makes me wonder why The Asylum is ripping off an awesome book instead of a blockbuster movie. Here’s the trailer, which isn’t shy about showing off the werewolf action (and Bill Duke looking pensive in the back of a car).

Battledogs stars Craig Sheffer (who I actually though was a more rugged David Borenaz) Ariana Richards (Lex “This is Unix” Murphy from Jurassic Park), Wes Studi (Sphinx from Mystery Men), and Bill Duke, who antagonized Arnie in Running Man, dry-shaved in Predator and apparently never ages.

Judging solely from what’s visible in the trailer, I like the werewolf design, but the CG looks appropriately made-for-TV.

Did you see Battledogs? What did you think? Better or worse than Syfy’s other werewolf offering, Red: Werewolf Hunter?