“Freeborn” Director Anthony Brownrigg shares 2005 script, asks for werewolf fan input

A. Quinton — Apr. 24th 2012

As mentioned earlier this year, fan-driven werewolf film Freeborn is coming back to life after thousands of years (in Internet time) of dormancy. As part of that resurrection, writer / director Anthony Brownrigg has shared the 2005 version of the script, and is soliciting commentary from the werewolf fan community.

The original 2005 script in today’s market has some things that have now been done. (cough cough).. even though we were going to do it first. However.. the general storyline will remain, and in that I offer you the 2005 Freeborn script to read. Some folks like reading books, and then seeing a movie adaptation. Similar, only its a screenplay for an actual movie. Check it out, comment, good AND bad. The idea is to get this out , and get folks excited, and into talking about it. Believe me, we’re listening… free to comment and talk about it at thepacksden.net or at the Freeborn facebook page.

I’m not familiar with the culture over at thepacksden.net, but I’ve got a half-formed picture in my mind courtesy of comments I’ve seen here and on Twitter, and if you’ll permit me to be reductive, that picture looks a lot more like a Goldenwolf piece than something by Viergacht. If that’s not what you’re hoping to get out of Freeborn, maybe it would be a good idea to check out the script and then leave your comments for Brownrigg and company. Someone whose opinion I respect already has, and there are many more Werewolf News readers that I’m sure will want to chime in. But friends? Maybe save the snark until you’ve read the script.

  • Kcholmes

    Just gonna say, Brownrigg considers himself a horror buff, and while all fan input is considered, he ultimately calls the shots. While some people on the pack’s den do only like the “Goldenwolf” werewolf variant, there are many, many of us who are strictly “Viergacht” and many more that just take each werewolf on a case to case basis (I do this). Over the years Brownrigg has made it clear that while some of his werewolves will be good guys, they are not the lame spiritual “cuddle-wolves” people think. Anthony love horror, and love violent transformations, blood, guts, claws, and fangs. Please read the script and don’t just write this film off. Werewolves can be good guys, because they are still half people, and some people are good.
    Brownrigg best compares his werewolves with those of the The Howling. The werewolves in that film were attempting to live with their animal natures, feeding on cattle and the like. There were two opposing camps: Dr. Waggner’s, who thought they could live at peace with people, and Marcia Quist’s, who thought the old ways of feeding on people were better. Freeborn is much like that. Just my very long 2 cents.

  • Sounds like I should take my own advice and read the script!

  • Having read the script and according to Brownrigg on DA ” it is definitively NOT a horror film, but really more a werewolf drama.” That has me concerned that we are indeed heading into an area I probably won’t like. Werewolf drama? How come those two seem to recall the images of shirtless guys running around the woods of Washington state. Sorry but haven’t we seen this in Blood and Chocolate, the Twilight films, and even True Blood. If as one person has state Brownrigg likes horror and violence isn’t there more horror and violence in this script?

    Where’s the theme? What’s the conflict other than werewolves living day to day and hiding from humanity? Why are they hiding from humanity when there’s a super secret werewolf police squad ready to deal with any werewolf or werewolves who would come out of the closet as it were? Who are these people? Why is the audience (reader) introduced to them? What are their roles? Motivations? If there is a good werewolf vs. bad werewolf why am I having such a hard time figuring out whose on what side until I see the werewolf police force knocking on the door and even then I am not entirely sure cause it seems they are going after everyone in town.

    I do hope he cleans up the script and does some serious editing because “werewolf drama” combined with what I read just makes me shiver.

  • werewolfwoman

    I agree with Mini Werewolf, the term “werewolf drama” conguers images of twilight and other films that a  horror werewolf fan like myself finds terrible. There are a lot of those new age werewolf fans out there that are very vocal  and they really seem to hate my type of werewolf fan, that’s ok i don’t like them much either. But i think there can be a happy medium reached. If solid make-up effects are used and the transformation is done well i think the film could please a fan like myself.
      I am fine with the concept of the werewolf as a  protagonist, i think looking back to the original wolfman, he was a tragic protagonist, that can be said for many werewolf films. As of late, there have been many films that turn the werewolf into a brooding wax chested, superhero. Maybe what would be an original concept would be actually making the werewolf a monster again, have it be savage and dark and the best trick would be having us root for the monster.. kinda like how we root for Dexter.

  • I too am fine with the concept of the werewolf as a protagonist very much like Lon Chaney Jr’s portrayal of the original wolf man. It was tragic as he wrestled with the best within, which as often as it is done is at the heart of what makes a werewolf a good monster. I agree too often of late in both movies and written fiction we get the often brooding, handsome superhero to come swooping in to save the day. Why are they brooding? What is the tragic circumstances of being a beef cake that has to turn into a wolf to kill sparkly vampires? Not like you have to wrestle with self conscious to kill people who feed on humans.

    Problem with Freeborn is there is no rooting for the werewolves. There’s no emotional tag to root for. With Dexter you can root for him even though he kills he does so on a warp sense of justice. We can sympathize with him even cheer him on. Sort of like Jason, or Mike Myers as they go about hacking up teenagers that are breaking all of societies rules of decency. On some level we cheer them on because they are punishing this “wicked” children for their sins. It’s warped to be sure but it’s why those movies work.

  • whattheheckisadowthanyway

    People keep telling me that Brownrigg is a huge horror fan.  So I ask, why is he not writing a horror film?  He has even come out and said that Freeborn isn’t a horror flick.  That made me incredibly wary about the entire project before I read the script.

    But after reading it for myself, I can say without a doubt that Freeborn is going to be an atrocious, garbled mess if someone doesn’t re-write it.  Very few of the characters seem to have motivation for taking the actions that they do.  And some character motivations are created simply by other characters doing things for no reason.  There is no central conflict.  It takes way too long to start to like only ONE of the characters and then she is abruptly killed off because I guess he needed a reason for the other werewolves to rampage or something.  Brownrigg has said that the film is not about what the werewolves are, but WHO they are.  However the script never shows who they are really.  The only character we get to know is the new werewolf, Sherri, and then she’s killed immediately after we gain that connection.  And after she dies, there’s no one left to care about.  So by the end, why should we really care about the story at all?

    The fact that this is a “werewolf drama” upsets me because, as Werewolfwoman said, we’ve seen that hundreds of times in films and TV lately.  I honestly can’t believe that some “fans” are still claiming that the werewolf is ostracized and villainized in movies when that hasn’t been the case for well over ten years!  Why can’t we go back to the terrifying werewolf?  Why can’t we create a kind of werewolf anti-hero in a horror film like Werewolfwoman suggests?

    It’s also really annoying to hear some people say that the problem with Freeborn will be the low budget.  That is false.  Red Victoria had an abysmal script as well and I guarantee that if Brownrigg had the same script and a million dollar budget, the film still wouldn’t be a horror masterpiece like people seem to think.  There are too many holes in Red Victoria’s logic; too many characters that do things for literally no reason.  Freeborn is currently the same way.  If he’s able to raise tons of money (somehow) the script will be the downfall of the film.  There is no way you could show it to anyone else other than the particular part of the werewolf fan base that loves Twilight, Blood and Chocolate, and Goldenwolf art.

    On the other hand, I’d love to see what Brownrigg could do with someone else’s werewolf horror script and a huge budget.

  • First off awesome name and what is a dowth? Mulling it over in my head last night I kept wondering why the heck things were randomly mentioned in this film. Things that clearly have a Celtic, pagan, Goldenwolf sound and feel to them. It clashes so strongly with the other scenes. In fact the whole script when I reread it reads very much like a series of suggestions people made and strung together. Sure ideas are great but if you put it all together and there is no central reason for those ideas to be together is comes off as a jumbled confusing mess that is this script.

    IF this ever does get made, I do hope for Brownrigg’s sake some one does some serious editing to the script, otherwise this will be just like every other low budget werewolf film I have seen on Netflicks, an impossible jumble of themes and ideas. 

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    WOW, this is awesome. :) Finally some folks that speak their minds, and not try to kiss my ass cuz they want something. You guys rock. I’m listening, and we’re rewriting.. I agree on many counts. It was seven years ago after all.


  • Anthony Brownrigg

    And let me say that It’s good that Goldenwolf and  Viergacht were mentioned in the same paragraph. Both are wolves, both have fur, both have fangs, both have paws and claws. Utterly different attitudes. To say a werewolf is only ONE way, is to say that everyones opinion about Freeborn will be utterly consistent. Werewolves in this are individuals must like life. If you’ve been a werewolf for years and years, how would you feel about it? Ticked off? wishing you were human again? wishing humans would just go away? Hungry for blood? our world has all these variants. So for me, it is limiting to say that it’s either Goldenwolf or Veirgacht.  Horror to me, comes from us, always has. Our own fears, fear of what we might do to our love ones or friends should it happen to us? And fear of being caught because we’re just having a damned good time eating our fill of the poor little sappy victims in the world. (add on any other fears and their motivations here).  Werewolves arent’ misunderstood benevolent, peace lovers, nor are they only bloodthirsty monstrosities. A natural wolf is instinctual, neither good nor evil. It’s the human, that carries the power to make a Veirgacht, or a Goldenwolf. And THERE in lies a character drama. It’s WHO the wolf is, not WHAT the wolf is.  No im not making a horror film, in the sense, im not making the werewolf “Creature X”, that comes out of a nice mold one way or another. But, cant’ please everyone. And if you wind up hating the film, well.. fortunately there’s lots and lots of other werewolf films out there. Make one yourself, making movies is fun. :)


  • Anthony Brownrigg

     heheh. Well, on a horror bent.  I do have some horror flicks pure horror bloody slash gash scream, and boobies on the dock. But just not this one. Again, at the time in 2005, it was still a new concept. Today, it’s been done over and over, so our challenge in the script is to alter a ‘lot’ of things to bring some new perspectives. No, i dont want to make a good old fashioned ‘gory werewolf’ film again.. THAT has also been done to death. So much so that you can replace the werewolf with Jason, and its the same movie.  There will be more blood in this new script, i’m trying to avoid the ‘angst’ “ooooohhh im a werewolf ooohhh im soooo sadd, oooh why wont someone kill me.. my poooor victims” kind of thing. While at the same time i’m not making a blood fest of “lets all be Dexter and kill for a purpose. BUT, some folks love Dexter, some folks hate dexter.. Who’s right and who’s wrong? is it a good show? or a crappy one? an irresponsible one, that says its okay to kill if its for a good cause.. So many opinions vary, and its that VARIANCE of opinion that I’m glad we have in this world. Sure some folks hated red victoria, (frankly for 5k i wasnt too whippy with how the film turned out myself).. But it was fun, I did it.. im an artrist, and if ya love it or hate it, at least I did it, and now I’m moving on to new things, and as always I’ll learn something.  (I had someone tell me I should be more F*** U if you dont like my work, but eh.. Maybe its the beer in my hand talking, but if anything I ever do inspires someone to do something better, then damn, go for it. I’m not opposed to someone saying ‘that sucked, i could do better” and then DO something better.. Hell I’d watch it. :)

    Anthony Brownrigg

  • Anthony Brownrigg

     I’m a big fan of chinese food too.. but I don’t eat it every day. :) And hey, if you didn’t like Red Victoria, then get in line. Some folks loved Red Vic.. some folks hated it. Eh.. can’t please everyone. Not trying to, but your points are well thought out, and THAT is appreciated. The only time I take criticism badly is when someone says ‘That sucks’, and have no reason or thought process behind ‘why’.. How the heck am I going to gleen anything from that? lol

  • Anthony Brownrigg

     Goldenwolf did not create the Celts!  How did this happen? Since when did the celtic mythos become all sweet, and cuddly? It’s full of blood, betrayal, wars, and carnage just like everything else is. I think its all the greenery in ireland, it always looks so peaceful. :D  As for the script, interesting points. Appreciated, and taken to the table for discussion.

  • Goldenwolf

    Hahahaha! XD Too funny :). Guys I support what Anthony is doing but we are not affiliated with one another. I think a lot of people are missing the point he is trying to make with this film completely, or are just letting your fears of what it -might- be to cloud your judgment of the project. He’s not trying to create my personal world of cuddle-wolves(TM) on film, he’s trying to make a thoroughly awesome werewolf film just for werewolf fans according to what we are longing to see in such a film. But like with every other group out there we all have our own opinions on the matter. Some people love fluffy, spiritual sparkle wolves, others love hairless gorilla-beasts that run on the cieling. In the end it’s like trying to herd cats, so regardless of what Anthony does some faction of the werewolf fandom is gonna loathe it. So take the input, Anthony, then go do -your- vision, -your- art, -your- way. Because I have learned LONG ago that, despite your best intentions you can’t please everyone, so please yourself. ;)

  • werewolfwoman

     I don’t think the previous posts implied that Browning is affiliated with Golden Wolf, rather that Golden Wolf and Viergacht represent two opposite ends of the werewolf fandom spectrum. There are many types of werewolf fan in between but i think both artists are good examples of opposing werewolf ideologies.

    I think Brownings idea was very original for the time but now the werewolf drama/ romantic drama has been done. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t go ahead with telling this type of story but if he wants to be ground breaking he needs to assess what of his story is unique for today’s standards. I think there is now an audience for werewolf dramas but i think he would have a hard time pulling in horror werewolf fans.
    Like i said before being ground breaking in a world like today would be to reject the new super hero werewolf and delve into the monster. There is real darkness in the archetype of the werewolf and exploring that aspect of monster/ human protagonist could prove to be a brave and intense story.  Bring the wild back to the werewolf and mess with the audience by causing the viewer to root for the monster.

  • werewolfwoman

    i’m not saying make a werewolf Dexter, i was just using the show as an example of how unsettling and morally ambigious it is to root for the bad guy.  My suggestion just seems to be in the spirit of opposing the romantic werewolf.
     I think that a return to the horror werewolf story would be great especially with the surge in the brooding werewolf fandom.
    The more i read the script and read the posts it occurs to me that my suggestions are inappropriate for this film. Browning you most defiantly have and audience for your film, now more than ever. I am just beginning to see that i may be the wrong type of audience.
    I would love for someone to make a werewolf horror film that asks horror fans what they want, it is great that you have extended yourself and script to the fans. i just think i am not the audience for this particular werewolf film.

  • Kamacuras577

    “he’s trying to make a thoroughly awesome werewolf film just for werewolf fans according to what we are longing to see in such a film.”

    See, this right here is my problem with “The Pack”. You all keep talking like The Pack represents all werewolf fans when it clearly doesn’t, just a certain sub group of them. Here’s the thing, I’m NOT longing to see the Deviantart standard anthro wolf on the big screen. Point of fact, and don’t take this as a personal attack against you because it’s not, I kind of hate that design. I’m also NOT longing to see the werewolf society portrayed in Freeborn because to be frank I’ve seen it before in urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels over and over again without any kind of variety in between. Blood and Chocolate brought that kind of “secret werewolf society” to the big screen and that film was pretty much garbage. The characters in the script aren’t particularly compelling, so the who spiel about “who they are, rather than what they are’ rings somewhat hollow.

    Goldenwolf (if you are in fact Goldenwolf and not one of her groupies) you did something extraordinary with your werewolf designs, you literally launched an entire sub genera with thousand (perhaps millions) of fans, and that’s a major accomplishment so again don’t take this like an attack but that you started out your comment laughing at us is a primary example of why there’s so much bad blood between both camps. How you intended it to sound doesn’t really matter, because it honestly reads like a textbook example of the massive superiority complex possessed by some of the most prominent members of The Pack. It’s so funny when you start talking about “hairless gorillas running along the ceiling”, because the amount of contempt you posses for any werewolf design other than what you created shines through in that very comment, or any other time you or any member of The Pack’s Den talk about a werewolf design that isn’t an upright wolf. I’m not going to say I’m insulted, but I will note that very few folks in your camp seem to be able to take it when someone dislikes a Cuddlewolf design and heaps the same scorn on it. Why should we grin and bear it when you insult the werewolves and werewolf films we prefer while no one is allowed to attack the Freeborn paradigm? As I said, there’s a lot of bad blood between both camps, and this film will probably only intensify the fighting.

    This script was written back in 05, so I’m hoping that quality wise the storytelling has improved when it’s finally filmed in 2014 or whenever but I think that whether or not the film is good will be irrelevant for many people. It shows them people who transform into glorious, beautiful anthro wolves who are perfectly in control of themselves and heap scorn on the old fashioned horror werewolves, and serves them their idea of lycanthropy on a silver platter with none of the questionable moral problems other forms of werewolves bring to the table with them. On the other side, you’re going to have old fashioned gore hounds who refuse to accept the rules of lycanthropy in Freeborn and refuse to give it it’s fair shake.
    Either way, good or bad Freeborn is going to have a lot of people who refuse to take their blinders off long enough to consider how good of a film it actually is. Whether it’s Goldenwolf fans who hoist the film up as the “ONLY GOOD WEREWOLF MOVIE EVER MADE” even if it’s complete shit or old fashioned folk who trash it for being “WOLFABOO BULLSHIT”.

    Anthony, if you make it to this comment, I hope you know this…

  • Viergacht

    My werewolves have a bit more depth to them than just the blood & guts . . . although there’s certainly plenty of blood and guts. Partly because I don’t buy into the “majestic noble spirit of the wilderness” version of wolves, partly because my werewolves (when I’m drawing mine and not a generic wolfer) are more primate than wild dog, and we all know how vicious primates are. I’d much rather be locked in a small room with a wolf than a chimp.
    It’s looking like people are trying to pit me against Goldenwolf, or something. Well, no. I certainly don’t like fluffy-wulffles werewolves, but Goldenwolf draws some groovy snarly werewolves and I wouldn’t crack on her skill, and I haven’t read the Freeborn script. 

  • Laughing Hyena

     Main reason why “Hair of the Dog” by Brett Davis should be adapted to the big screen. It has different styles of werewolves in it for one. But the subject is something neither extreme faction really wants to talk about or what werewolf movies of either stripe want to delve into that much. And the film version could really draw from such horrible charities like Autism Speaks and others as well as their ad campaigns to critique them too. The novel is okay, but with someone really good on the script they could make it really sing.

    This is just one aspect of the werewolf myth and symbolism I don’t see explored enough:
    Because way back, those of us with mental disabilities were often labeled as werewolves before someone came along to figure it out that wasn’t it. If we were to put it to the two extremes in that perspective: I’m either a really “Special” and gifted snowflake or I should be shot with a silver bullet because that’s the only way to cure someone like me. You can still see these ideals today when some people talk about certain mental disabilities. I don’t buy into nor want either, thank you very much.
    I’m not an Indigo child and I’m not an “epidemic” that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth because I don’t fit into your defition of what is “normal”.

    I’m with you on the werewolves could be and should be many different things. I’m okay with different looking werewolves and shape shifters as long as they aren’t CGI.
    I hate CGI: Takes out all the suspense in creature appearances as well as impacting the acting involved with a real object.

    I’m also really tired of endings where the werewolf gets shot, “Beauty killed the Beast, blah, blah, rise and repeat.”. Can’t we have the werewolf get away and leave the movie to be suspenseful and terrifying because of it? I would also love to see movies where the werewolf isn’t the big shot: Suppose a werewolf moves out into the wildness to get away from everyone, but ends up facing another were-critter bigger and badder than it? Can he/she outwit it? Has trouble warning others because they are a danger too? Just saying that wolves don’t own everything or are everywhere on this planet.

    Because the zombie craze has gotten really big: Moon Bane needs to be adapted to the screen too. Zombish-infecting alien werewolves everyone. I don’t want to spoil the ending: But it’s awesome.

  •  How did this happen? I don’t know you tell me when I clearly said “Things that clearly have a Celtic, pagan, Goldenwolf sound and feel to them.” I did not say Goldenwolf created the Celts but I do see a lot of Celtic, pagan, symbolism and imagery in her art. Did she single handedly create such imagery in werewolves heck no. Nor did I every say Celtic mythos is all cute and cuddly.

  •  Like or hate anything series, movie, television series, or novels is ok, everyone has their own tastes for sure. As far as the script which is what we are talking about, for when it was written it may have been ground breaking but for 2012 and beyond it’s repetitive as it stands. I also just don’t get any of the characters beyond Sherri, who I can understand because she’s going through a werewolf transformation with all the issues it brings but she’s killed off so suddenly and apparently only as a rather weak plot device to get the other werewolves to react. I just don’t think the script as written is compelling at all.

    I would say get more into the werewolf character’s heads. What are their motivations? What drives them? Do they like being a werewolf? Do they not? Why? Why should the audience care about them? What are they doing? Does it make any sense to anyone who may not be a part of the Pack?  Are there terms used in the script that need explanation? Does it add anything to the overall story or is it inserted because someone, some where wanted it thrown in?

    All in all I just think that the script needs a tuning up to be relevant and not cover the same old ground that other werewolf films (such as Blood and Chocolate, Twilight, etc.) that have been done since then.

  • Doruk

    As someone who used to hang out Pack-a-ways, I must say I was in a distinct minority for wanting to see the werewolf as a monster archetype.  The werewolf as the magnificent misunderstood beast was quite a bit more the prevalent opinion, and yes, people did ‘worship at the altar of Goldenwolf’ a bit too much when it comes to the visual representation of one.  My impression was that the final werewolf in Van Helsing was seen as the pinnacle of movie werewolves by many (not all), which was something I, to put it mildly, disagreed with.

    But, you know, if they make this movie, and the werewolf in it ends up looking good, I will probably see it just for that.  It is not like werewolf movies have an amazing track record for storylines in the first place :P

  • werewolfwoman

    I am a classic werewolf horror fan but when heard about the pack i went to the site and started participating. I learned very quickly that my type of fan was in the minority. Since the Twilight films and blood and chocolate, the romantic werewolf archetype has become the common representation of werewolves in recent films.
    It seems that the horror werewolf fan is just dismissed as a violence and blood mongering brute. Horror werewolves are too easily dismissed as drooling raging monsters. It seems that both horror werewolves and their fans are considered to lacking intellect and depth, of character and archetype.
      Compairing a werewolf movie to slasher films just reinforces my point that horror werewolves are looked down upon. There is so much that could be explored both psychologically and socially, in the story of a classic monster. Moral ambiguity is the point and forcing the audience to question their morality and just how civilized we really are, could be a fascinating exploration in film. Being bold and a visonary may just be turing away from the current trend and turning the werewolf into something both classic and new.

    With  todays werewolf films, being original is not telling a psuedo-twilight werewolf romance but making the werewolf a monster again. There is depth that could be put into a werewolf horror film. Focusing on a script that creates compelling characters that are morally ambiguous and dark.

    Doing a horror film that has blood and violence doesn’t mean it has to be a mindless kill fest. That is just short changing the classic werewolf fan.  I like the anti-hero and i have an appreciation for the classic werewolf film, i think that American Werewolf is still relevant and frightening and will out last films like blood and chocolate as time goes on. I value the story of theses films and am rather irritated that horror werewolf films are equated to slasher flicks. I appreciate good practical effects and i can even enjoy CGI, when used as support to practical makeup effects. It may be easy to bash horror werewolves but has any recent romantic werewolf film come close to touching the effects and storylines of the cults or classics?

    I am not a closed minded person and i came to the pack to share my ideas but they are obviously just dismissed or overlooked because horror werewolves are just slobbering mindless creatures.

    Browning most defiantly will have an audience for his film, due to the current popularity of the romantic werewolf melodrama. I am not bashing him for this, i just simply think that the horror werewolf fan is to easily dismissed.  And honestly it seems like the opinions of people who think they are real werewolves or furries are taken more seriously than my type of fan.

    @Laughing Hyena, i was totally confused by your post, are you saying you are a werewolf?  if so there was a lost of this type of fan in the pack, which is why i found it so weird and frustrating.

    Good luck to you dude, i am going to go read Ferals now and maybe watch American werewolf in London.

  • Goldenwolf

    My apologies, I was laughing at myself more than anything else.  I tend to do that a lot and people take it wrong.  I never intended to become the “New Age Werewolf Queen”; it just sort of happened, and reading some of the comments here just drove it home for me.  So I am laughing that this is now what I and my art are seen as, and it’s incredibly funny to me.  Please forgive me if I sounded like I was laughing at anyone else :P

    When I first got on the internet in 1999 we were all just werewolf fans.  But now with the whole Twilight bullshit (believe me, I -loathe- that whole genre) and, apparently, my personal take on werewolves (among other things) has created two very distinct camps of werewolf fans.  I never really saw it so clearly until now, just how divided it has become.  Yet the good thing is is that there is enough room in this for both camps, and enough creativity for everyone to get something out of the werewolf myth/fantasy.  I love the classics as much as any of you do, and do still enjoy the rather horrible, campy werewolf flicks that keep being made.  But at the same time I know that those in my camp are really hungry for something a little less beast, a little more wolf.  Why not have both?  Why can’t there both be “pretty” werewolves, and horrific beast werewolves?  Why not romances and grand adventures as well as tragedy and gorefests?  Is there not enough room for both?  Does it have to be one or the other?  No, it doesn’t.

    I admit I am not a fan of the grotesque horror werewolves.  They’ve always left me flat.  But at the same time I am not asking anyone to feel the same way.  My opinion is my opinion, and everyone else is entitled to theirs.  I just wish others didn’t put so much weight upon what I, personally, think. 

    At any rate, my apologies once again if I came off as rude.  That was not my intention. :/

    (and yes, this IS me.  I’m a huge fan of Werewolf News ^.^ )

  • Goldenwolf

     Thanks Viergacht ^.^  I’m really digging on your type of weres as well, and found your description of the Vargr immensely fascinating.  Good stuff there! 

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    (Flails around wildly as werewolf woman goes to town on him) :D   You’ll like the new script.  I believe i’ve found the balance. Horror werewolves are not mindless dribbling things, and your posts through the time you’ve started have certainly been discussed not dismissed. :) The 2005 script was new at the time, now its 2012, its not.. its old and trite. I’m officially renaming this film a thriller. Not a horror, not a drama… I think you’ll like where it’s heading, as will many who feel the horror element of the werewolf has been left out of the original draft. 

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    HAH, to anyone who thinks im not actually paying attention out here. :)  I’d BETTER pay attention or  the real werewolves will eat me. And the horror fans will skin me and then laugh because my eyeballs are all oozing out and stuff.. AWESOME!

  • Doruk

    And then we can wear the skin and transform into Anthony Brownrigg.  That’s how werewolves used to work, after all :P

  • werewolfwoman

     I am looking forward to reading your new script. I know it’s gotta be tough having to hear everyone put in their two cents but it is also brave and respectable.

  • I’d also like to commend Anthony for coming into the wolves’ den, so to speak. That definitely takes guts (which I wouldn’t mind seeing some of in the final film, by the way).

  • I don’t know if you’re still reading this comment thread, Anthony, but I’ve 

  • Also, I’m Penningtonbeast. I just realized my post read as “TitzFitzpatrick, LOL.

  • PenningtonBeast

    I don’t think you personally created a rift between the two types of werewolf fans, but rather it’s your imitators and more fanatical followers that put people off ( a certain saccharine username comes to mind.) I’m not blaming you for the behavior of your fans or anything, just sharing my experience with them. And it’s especially frustrating when they refuse to acknowledge that at least some of your influences ( i.e. Ron Spencer and The Howling) are rooted in the traditional horror genre.

  • Anthony Brownrigg

    Yay!, I get to write a dissertation. Well, more of an explanation, but just the same. :)  I can only give MY opinion, be it right, wrong, or just plain philosophical, but it is my own. 

    I take lumps well. For any artist as many of you know putting your own work out online for any individual to criticize/praise is not an easy task. We’re all individuals in this world, and opinions vary and with the safety of the internet, honesty is more of a free flowing entity. 

    Many of us, at any given time can easily accept our own realities and what is true, and right, and look at anyone that doesn’t agree with us as morons. Art is the number one source of subjective criticism on the planet in my opinion, because there is no *right* answer. Some might LOVE what you do, and some might HATE it. The differences vary like trying to eat a raw steak with chocolate sauce. And for a process like this, where I’m looking for feedback, the job only gets harder. 

    I myself have to ask many many questions whenever I see a comment on the script, for good or for bad. The FIRST thing I have to remind myself of is if someone doesn’t like what I’m doing, it doesn’t make me a bad person. And in the same vein when someone says “I read the script it’s awesome”, that doesn’t make me a good person. Granted we all want at some point in time in our lives to be liked or accepted somewhere, but like the philosopher said, you have to take the good with the bad. 

    These are the things I ask myself every time a comment is posted. 

    1. Is this person a novel reader? And do they know how to read a screenplay as opposed to a novel. (i.e. do they know that V.O. after a characters name means “Voice Over” meaning narration. O.S. “Off Screen” things like that. A screenplay is a different beast to read than a novel. 

    2. Is this person a novel writer? Friendly competition between writers, especially in fiction is a long standing tradition. We tend to enjoy a good bout, much like going to a bar in Dublin, drinking ourselves silly, going out and beating the hell out of each other, and then celebrating the battle by going back in and drinking some more. (its’ metaphorical but you get my point)

    3. Is this person 13, and wearing a “team jacob” tshirt?

    4. Is this person 35, and wearing a “Devils rejects” tshirt?

    5. Does this person really really want to be in the movie as a werewolf? (this is important, “I love the script, can I be a werewolf?”)  And is that shading their viewpoint of the script?

    6. Does this person revere me as some kind of god?   If so?  I should really consider renewing my membership at my local health club, because I’m just simply too doughy to be a proper deity. 

    7. Is this person bitter about something else in life right now, and this is a good way to vent?  You’d be surprised. 

    8. Does this person consider themselves a “real” werewolf, and therefor an authority of the subject. 

    9. Is what this person is saying going to help me view the script from a different point of view, or is it just bitching to bitch?

    10. Is this person praising the script because they want to be liked?

    11. Is what they’re suggesting good to MY liking? But will be a major block as far as budget is concerned. After all we don’t have 100M to make this thing.  If so, what’s good about it? And how can that be ‘retooled’ to fit into our budgetary limitations. 

    12. Is this person ‘hyper’ intelligent? Oh yes, we can pick it apart with the best of em. There’s a balance in a film in MY opinion between what is ‘reality’ and what is cinema.  Yes yes, I’m aware that a werewolf shouldn’t be technically able to do this or that due to the laws of science. Some people have a heavy heavy leaning towards physical realities, while others are just fine and in fact prefer ‘bending’ logic for a stories sake. 

    13. Is this person a fan of blood? Some folks enjoy being afraid of a good horrific scene, while others flatly enjoy pointing and going ‘cooool’ check out how that head popped off, awesome. 

    14. Is this person my landlord from 1998? He hated me. 

    15. And finally.. Will this interpretation of the script help? or harm my own artistic integrity of what *I* as an artist want to see on screen? I’m not a butler after all, but an artist in my own right. How can I direct something I don’t believe is good myself? 

    Theres are others, but ultimately I’ve managed to get to the point where I can drum through these questions rather quickly. But as any artist knows taking your lumps for your work is part of the process. You can call me an idiot, or call me a genius. Or just some shmo that thinks’ werewolves are cool. Whatever the answer is, I don’t take it personal. It’s a hard canvas to paint, and an expensive one at that. 

    But to me….. in the end. It takes all of us to make the world work. In the end, who’s right, and who’s wrong are the never ending questions that apply not only to a film, but to life itself. It’s for all of us to say what a ‘werewolf’ SHOULD or shouldn’t be.  After all, the very concept of the werewolf came from us, the humans. Through history, it’s struck fear, intrigue, and today even romance. The very essence of a werewolf in that case can mean anything to anyone at any time. I don’t expect to please everyone with this film. And It’s not my intention to try. But the very arguments that ensue, and the very point of the back and forth, vampire/werewolf, furry/horror, therian/fan is what drives all of us to express ourselves. 

    Or as Walt Whitman once said. 

    O ME! O life! of the questions of these recurring, 
    Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the 
    Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, 
    and who more faithless?) 
    Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the 
    struggle ever renew’d, 
    Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see 
    around me, 
    Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me 
    The question, O me! so sad, recurring-What good amid these, O me, 
    O life?Answer. That you are here-that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

    **Besides, I gotta get this thing done. I got a zombie film to make next.