Great werewolf cover art for “Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave” issue 3

A. Quinton — Jul. 15th 2011

Nothing too earth-shattering here, just some sweet art to check out on a lazy Friday when you should be working. Yes, you. No, Google Reader doesn’t count as work. Anyway. Dread Central has a sneak peak at the cover of Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave issue #3, which comes out this October. To quote Kris Straub (who wasn’t talking about this, but I love how he says this line in TMH so whatever): you’re gonna like it.

Did you like it? I liked it. Billy, you’re fucked. I’m looking forward to reading this. Check out Monsterverse for more details on the “Tales from the Grave” series – their site is still showing issue #2, but hopefully they’ll update it soon.

If you’re curious, David Hartman is responsible for this deliciously malevolent cover, and I recommend you check out his site for even more excellent horror art (hint: frequent werewolves).

via Dread Central

  • I don’t get every comic that comes along that has werewolves in it, but this one looks like a must-buy.

  • Andrew and Craig,

    Very glad to hear you love David Hartman’s cover for our issue #3 of BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE and due out this Halloween along with our epic horror graphic novel series, FLESH AND BLOOD, written by Robert Tinnell and superbly drawn by Neil D. Vokes. (It’s going to have an awesome werewolf in it and one of the battles of the ages.)

    I’d like to point out the second issue of the Lugosi comic will be due in AUGUST so that’s why we still have that incredible RICK BAKER cover up at the website. For day to day news please check out our MONSTERVERSE site at FACEBOOK which I’ve listed in the link (Please come look it over). And if you love werewolves I have a story that I wrote in this issue called CLAWS OF THE WEREWOLF about a lost werewolf film that two bickering film critics try to track down but there is a reason it has gone lost…

    We have a panel at SDCC 2011 on Friday, 5-6, Room 9 called MONSTERVERSE HORROR COMICS ATE MY BRAIN with all kinds of comic book and film guests. You might be interested that screenwriter Michael Tabb has just joined the list and he is the writer on the upcoming WEREWOLF from Universal (formerly known as the sequel to THE WOLFMAN).

    Sam F. Park
    West Coast Editor

  • Viergacht

    Just look at that werewolf – those crazed eyes, the oversized clawed hands, the exciting composition. I follow this guy on DA – great stuff!

  • Sounds great, Sam. I’ll check with my local comic book shop and make sure they get this in.