Making a Monster Movie? You Need The United Monster Talent Agency

A. Quinton — Feb. 4th 2011

Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ve probably seen Greg Nicotero‘s handiwork. He helped form KNB Efx Group in the 80’s and his creature & gore special effects have been seen in films like Cursed, Splice, Grindhouse, The Mist, Predators and most recently, AMC’s The Walking Dead. Werewolf News reader Viergacht sent me a link to an awesome little short film Nicotero directed last October: The United Monster Talent Agency.

“What if classic monster weren’t special effects but real, (sort-of) trained critters?” writes Viergacht. “A short by special fx artist Greg Nicotero… which includes an out-of-control Wolf Man tearing up the set and getting shot with a tranq!” Watch it below, and keep an eye out for cameos by Eli Roth, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Darabont.

That’s an industry I could work in! If you’re interested in reading about how Nicotero put this together, Shock Till You Drop interviewed him in October– it’s worth a read!

  • Lykeaus

    That was very, very cool…

  • I watched this online last fall and then got to see it at a horror film festival. Gotta love it when makeup effects experts go back to the source. Really shows how much respect they have for those that blazed the trail for them.

  • Carlos

    i’m sorry, where is rodriguez?

  • Liz

    Okay, I swore I saw Sam Witwer as the vampire.. XD