Composite Effects Releases Another Insanely Realistic Mask: Lupus the Wolf

A. Quinton — May. 14th 2010

Composite Effects makes some of the most amazingly life-like monster masks and gloves I’ve ever seen (check out the videos on the product pages to see what I mean). They’ve just released a mask that’s got me checking the balance in my savings account: Lupus the Wolf is “perfect for howling at the full moon. A wolfman in the most animalistic form, the mask will turn you into a savage beast even on a moonless night.” I like the design, particularly the ears and the creases around the muzzle, although seeing a hairless werewolf is a little strange at first. I can understand not wanting to include hair or fur as a built-in part of a silicone mask, though. A shaggy wig would work well, and maybe it’s just me, but Lupus looks like he needs to be rocking some big muttonchop sideburns.

The mask is available in hand-painted brown or gray, and costs $500 US. If you think that’s steep, you didn’t look at any of the videos yet, did you. Did you. Composite Effects guys: if you make werewolf gloves to go with this mask, I’ll have no recourse. Hat tip: David Peters.

UPDATE: Wes from CFX emailed me with word that while they haven’t made gloves specifically to go with the Lupus mask, they can do an alternate paint job on the Orlock gloves that will match the werewolf mask. Yellow nails? Friends, I am sold.

  • Shadowfang

    Wolf? Looks more like a cat or a rat-type thing.

  • And the werewolf mask in the background of this web site looks like a gorilla, right, Shadowfang? Come on, just because a werewolf doesn’t have a huge muzzle doesn’t mean it’s not a werewolf.

  • Shadowfang

    @Andrew: Fair enough. But I would expect a muzzle-less werewolf to at least have hair.

  • viergacht

    This mask is ten kinds of awesome! The anatomy is very believable – I especially like the ears – and it’s cool they dialed back the expression so it’s not just an exaggerated permanent snarl. It’s also pretty damn impressive how with the other masks displayed on the site you can pull it on and get instant facial articulation. From the standpoint of someone who might want to use it in an amateur movie production, I like the lack of hair. You could very easily add a wig or whatever to it. Plus personally I just like humanoid werewolves.

    I am SORELY tempted to drop the cash on this!

  • PDXWerewolf

    It looks like Scott “Teen Wolf” Howard has gone bald.

  • Mac

    Another case of “I wish they made a female variation of this”.

  • Scott

    While I am impressed with this mask, there are two things that will keep me from purchasing these.

    First is cost. I have spent pretty good money on collector’s pieces, but not $500 for mask alone.

    The second is cuz I agree with Shadowfang, where’s the hair? The silicone masks are WAY cool, but there’s gotta be a way to make hair on them look real too.

  • lantzn

    There is it’s called hand punching. Not very complicated but VERY time consuming.

  • Lycoan45

    Personally, i really like this mask, but i sorta think there should be hair too. This werewolf is a little on the human side, but still completely awesome. just add some fangs and some halloween contacts and it could DEFINATELY be cool. really, the only kind of werewolf i DONT like is the kind that are just wolves. that’s not a werewolf. thats just a wolf