The Werewolves of Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins

A. Quinton — Apr. 20th 2010

The opening paragraph of Bobby Travis’s post on werewolves in Dragon Age: Origins reads like it was written by a guy who bought a cape at Hot Topic and wears it without irony.

I was decidedly annoyed. Annoyed that the creators of something I had been waiting for, and for so many years, had apparently sullied their potentially great work with something so common to run-of-the-mill fantasy and pop-culture.

“This is the sort of pseudo-intellectual wankery that Roukas lives to destroy,” I thought, but I read on, and I was rewarded. I’ve never actually played Dragon Age, but I’ve heard good things from people whose opinions I trust. Once he gets going, Travis waxes philosophical & sociological on the game’s werewolves in a way that got interested enough to look up the game’s required system specs (yes, I can run it). He analyzes the role of werewolves within the game’s world, and comes to the conclusion that they contribute something important to the development of Ferelden’s culture. How cool to see werewolves in games being utilized as something more than hairy “pass the McGuffinNPCs!

I’m not gonna lie, though. The embedded gameplay video helped.

  • The werewolves in Dragon Age were -awesome-.

    It’s a shame that pretty much everything else about the game completely sucked. Terrible writing, utterly forgettable characters and so much brown. Pretty much the only Bioware game (including back when they were Black Isle) I struggled to play through -once-, let alone the multiple playthroughs I usually give their titles.

    Still, pretty much everyone but EDGE disagrees with me, so ymmv.

  • Shadowfang

    I loved Dragon Age. The werewolves are what inspired me to pick it up and give it a shot. They did fantastic job giving the werewolves depth especially if you decided to side with them. And let’s face it, if you’re visiting and have played the game, you’ve no doubt have. I just wish there was more of them in the game. For instance, if you sided with the werewolves, one would join your party!

  • Roukas

    Great character design here, and the Lady of the Forest brings an exotic beauty and the beast type of element to things. The Robert Jordan-esque drama is kind of meh, but that can be overlooked thanks to the poetry of how these creatures move! Rarr!