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The Werewolves of Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins

The opening paragraph of Bobby Travis’s Greywardens.com post on werewolves in Dragon Age: Origins reads like it was written by a guy who bought a cape at Hot Topic and wears it without irony.

I was decidedly annoyed. Annoyed that the creators of something I had been waiting for, and for so many years, had apparently sullied their potentially great work with something so common to run-of-the-mill fantasy and pop-culture.

“This is the sort of pseudo-intellectual wankery that Roukas lives to destroy,” I thought, but I read on, and I was rewarded. I’ve never actually played Dragon Age, but I’ve heard good things from people whose opinions I trust. Once he gets going, Travis waxes philosophical & sociological on the game’s werewolves in a way that got interested enough to look up the game’s required system specs (yes, I can run it). He analyzes the role of werewolves within the game’s world, and comes to the conclusion that they contribute something important to the development of Ferelden’s culture. How cool to see werewolves in games being utilized as something more than hairy “pass the McGuffinNPCs!

I’m not gonna lie, though. The embedded gameplay video helped.

He’s Small, He’s Pink, He’s Groomed, But He’s 100% Wolf

100% Wolf Children’s author Jayne Lyons recently contacted me to tell me about her book, 100% Wolf.

Freddy Lupin is no ordinary boy. He is from a noble family of werewolves. But his first Transwolfation is a disaster when instead of turning into a noble and fearsome wolf, he turns into a totally tiny, utterly ridiculous and perfectly pathetic poodle. Terrifying Uncle Hotspur throws him out of the wolfpack in disgrace. At least he’s met Batty the mongrel, the most faithful friend a poodle could find. And he needs friends, as the evil wolf-hunter Dr. Foxwell Cripp has just shown up in town.

Can Freddy prove that though he’s a pink poodle, he’s still 100% wolf and save the werewolf pack from disaster?

Jayne has made the first chapter available for free as an MP3. I listened and enjoyed myself immensely, both as a fan of werewolves and children’s books (hey, they’re fun). Jayne has also gone to great lengths to provide kid-friendly werewolf information on her site, which is wonderful to see.

100% Wolf comes out in August, and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Thanks for sharing, Jayne!