Four More Great Photos of Being Human Werewolves George & Nina

A. Quinton — Feb. 5th 2010

These lovely photos of George (edit: and in the white pressure tank George’s girlfriend Nina) are from episode four of Being Human‘s second series. Thanks to @SheenFanSite for bringing them to my attention! It looks like the official Being Human Facebook group is posting stills from each episode as it airs, so expect more photos of these excellent werewolf costumes as they become available.

  • Need to get caught up on the show this weekend. Technical difficulties and all.

  • Brilliant costumes – and George is soooo lovely.

  • Jason

    Those are incredibly impressive suits for TV. It’s amazing the amount of effort they put into special effects on this show. Very cool.

  • Becca

    JUST started watching the Brit version today! I didn’t realize it was on cable. Shocker when I saw it. My four-year-old is pissed that I’m watching it while his cartoons are on, but…oh, well.