10 Werewolf Movies That Don’t Suck

A. Quinton — Feb. 10th 2010

In an article they’re calling “The Beast Within: Ten Timeless Werewolf Films“, PopMatters has identified what I have to agree are 10 top-drawer werewolf films (even though two of them don’t technically have any werewolves in them). There aren’t any big surprises here, but it was nice to be reminded that for every “Never Cry Werewolf” there’s a “Dog Soldiers”.

  • Mac

    I still don’t get the hard-on people get over Gingersnaps, unless of course the whole reason they like it is because it literally gives them a hard-on.

  • Ryan

    Alright Dammit. Brotherhood of the Wolf is an amazing movie. I love it. But it’s NOT a werewolf movie.


    The beast in the movie is a lion.

  • Berserker

    Top 10 Werewolf Movies That Don’t Suck… guess it won’t talk about The Wolfman remake then.

  • CaptainSlappy

    Good werewolves stopped being produced after “American Werewolf in London” (the Nazi werewolves were….FREAKY), the original (and whacked out) “Howling”, and the brief scene in “Waxwork”. But none of the new movies are much of anything, including good. I will give a nod to “The Wolfman” remake, but I have not seen it yet.

    Thankfully, they haven’t Bollywood gang-raped werewolves like they have with vampires, who I now spit upon in the awesome memory of Bela Lugosi, etc. (R.I.P “Nosferatu” and “Jerry Dandridge”)

    Others (werewolves) I liked-
    Brief scenes in “Fright Night 2”. (“Vampire Bowling” with Jon Gries)
    (Though “Evil Eddy” still holds that special place in vampire retardation for me)
    “The Company of Wolves”. Still the freakiest damned “old-school” werewolf background (at least on how to become one, like ripping your skin off.)

    I won’t throw in much about “Silver Bullet”. Garey Busey is always out of whack and kills me, but the werewolf…..’nuff said.

    I like my werewolves like I like my prostitutes: Fighting me every step of the way, before I shoot them.