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10 Werewolf Movies That Don’t Suck

In an article they’re calling “The Beast Within: Ten Timeless Werewolf Films“, PopMatters has identified what I have to agree are 10 top-drawer werewolf films (even though two of them don’t technically have any werewolves in them). There aren’t any big surprises here, but it was nice to be reminded that for every “Never Cry Werewolf” there’s a “Dog Soldiers”.

The Evolution of the Movie Werewolf

There are more werewolf movies out there every year, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep track of them all. Which ones are good, and which ones are so bad that they’re good?  Which ones have actual werewolves in them, as  opposed to big dogs or guys in business suits? Terry over at Rouge Joker is here to help. He’s assembled The Evolution of the Movie  Werewolf, a great article that provides synopses, photos and video clips of 27 different werewolf films. Check it out!

Nine Lame Werewolves

Did your mom cut your hair? That's nice.

I’ll bet you can think of nine movie werewolves lamer than Taylor Lautner’s CGI husky in New Moon. So can Movieline! I don’t agree with all of their calls (I still really like the Underworld Lycans), but from Michael Landon to Van Helsing, there are definitely some stinky screen werewolves out there. Anyone care to share their own worst werewolf (that wasn’t on the list)? Personally, I just can’t get behind the slimy pink were-boar of the original Ginger Snaps.

25 Best Werewolf Horror Movies

About.com has got a breakdown of the 25 best werewolf horror movies (in the author’s opinon, of course), including what submitter ArcLight quite rightly describes as “a few surprises”. I consider myself well-versed in werewolf films, but there were a few titles in there that I’d never heard of! Check it out. What’s your favourite werewolf movie?