“Werewolf” TV Series DVD Cancelled (In Case You Slept Through September)

A. Quinton — Nov. 4th 2009

In case you didn’t already hear the bad news, the Werewolf: The Series DVD set that Shout! Factory was working on has been scrapped indefinitely, thanks to the greed of the music industry. Two of the bands whose songs were used in scenes refused to grant permission to use the music for the same scenes on the DVD. None of the official sources are naming the bands, but if word around the campfire is true, these assholes wanted more money than Shout! Factory was reasonably able to pay. The audio tracks for the scenes were mixed down, so the offending songs and the critical dialog can’t be separated and re-mixed with different, less-made-by-greedy-clowns songs. I’m sharing this now because the original posts I made about the DVD set are still getting a lot of (presumably hopeful) traffic.

  • Sodak

    This is very disappointing news (I heard it also back in September). Greedy assholes are keeping this great series from coming out on DVD. This is a great show and I’m a huge werewolf fan. What can we do to help?

  • I wonder if the problem is the artists themselves or the labels?

  • Roukas

    Hmm. Unfortunately this lycanthropic fan-base of ours lacks the sheer power of certain subcultures that brood and sparkle. This is unfortunate, but I predict that a lone hero will one day arise and upload these episodes onto the internet for all.

  • Werewolf

    Yeah I was looking foward to these very much, I already had a bootleg DVD but an official DVD that wasn’t so bad in quality would’ve been so nice… sucks things like this can hold up something people been asking for a long time ;_;

  • Viergacht

    DAMN IT. There isn’t any other alternate solution? Leave those episodes out, use alternate takes, cut those specific scenes out . . . hell, if it were up to me, I’d just ADR the scenes in question. Something. Anything. My childhood is weeping.

  • I kind wonder how releasing the eps with no sound in those scenes….just subtitles and maybe generic music….would go over with the fan base?

    As long as they put something on the box to warn buyers that there were changes, of course. I know the WKRP In Cincinnati DVDs got a lot of grief for music changes but in a lot of those cases the music directly related to the scene, acting as a punchline and the like.

    I’d like to think a couple of very politely worded letters to all bands involved would get them to look into it and fix the problem ( I still rather hope it’s a suit at a record label that screwed things up and not the bands themselves).

  • charles


  • Jon Scott

    They came across a similar problem when the BBC released the region 2 Only Fools and Horses box set. There was a few music scores they had to edit out including the theme from jaws. They all seemed to work well enough and nobody reallly cared….

    Werewolf would be great to see on an official release! fingers crossed they can come to some kind of compromise…

  • john palm

    hope someone can name the two bands that are actin like twats. that way no one will buy their shit songs, i’m willin to bet its two bands no one gives a shit about.

  • Sam

    Does anyone know who the artists are or their company?I have looked it up and it seems there is no information anywhere and someone has to know something in order for the fans to write in.I can’t believe the greed they should be happy their music is even coming out in the series that’s the purpose exposure for their music.I hope these jerks get complaints and force them out so we don’t have to buy their music anymore since they are cowards and prefer to be not named in their drama.

  • Here’s one idea: Someone research the music used in the series (licensed music, that is) and find out who owns the rights to those songs. Honestly, there probably weren’t all that many licensed songs used in the show, so we’re not talking about a large amount of information.

    Then we all write to all the people on that list. We ask the artists to look into the situation (because it’s unlikely that they even know about the day-to-day business decisions involving licensing of their music), and we ask the people who own the rights (probably the record labels, but not necessarily) to consider a smaller amount of money as an alternative to none (if the DVD is never produced).

    It may or may not help, but I for one would feel better if I could write *something* to *someone*.