Watch the new Wolfman Trailer

A. Quinton — Oct. 23rd 2009

HOMG amazing transformation shots. That is all.

  • Mac

    Not as interesting to me as the first trailer. Just doesn’t have that same pop.

    I’m still pretty skeptical about this movie though. I don’t want to get excited only to have it fail me.

  • So, is this the wolfman post all the “big-changes” they mentioned a few months back? Our beloved wolf is still going to still run on two legs?

  • Doruk

    I think in some of the scenes where he is running faster he is going on all fours. Kinda hard to tell with all the cuts.

  • God

    Just amazing !!!

  • Murkyman

    Awesome! I’m so happy to see a werewolf movie getting a bigger budget plus nice casting. My lowest expectation is to see a werewolf so it can only disappoint me by not including a werewolf.
    Hopefully werewolf movies will become the new vampire movies, also I wouldn’t mind a new werewolf TV-series. A werewolf PI is way cooler than a vamp one.

  • Courtney Moore

    I think I’ll go see it. I’m tired of all the vampire films I think the werewolf is totally underrated and is waaay scarier than a vampire. I’ll go see it and show some support. I mean, it doesn’t look TERRIBLE. It looks ok.