“Wolf Man” Creature Redesign, Wolf Man Vs. Werewolf + “Upcoming” Trailer

A. Quinton — Jul. 14th 2009

Back in May, word was going around that stuntman / second unit director Vic Armstrong was coordinating some additional beastly fight scenes for The Wolf Man. Now Mail Online’s Baz Bamigboye reports that the reason behind the additional filming may have been to introduce a new design for the titular lycanthrope. “The Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft,” says one Wolfman actor. A Universal rep had this to say (warning: PR speak in full effect): “The full articulation of the transformational lead character will be realised when the film is completed and we are excited to share his incredible look with the world in the upcoming trailer.” Bamigboye also mentions that the scenes involve a “confrontation between the Wolf Man and the Werewolf”– a choice of words with some exciting and curious implications.

So what we can take from all this is

  1. The Wolf Man’s design may be changing, possibly going from a two-legged creature to four legs. Whether Rick Baker was consulted remains to be seen (let’s hope he was).
  2. Apparently the film involves a Wolf Man and a Werewolf. The differences between the two remain unclear.
  3. An official trailer for The Wolf Man is “upcoming”. Considering the film’s November release, maybe in another month or two?
  • Roukwolf

    Intriguing news. And while the Wolf Man / Werewolf distinction seems pretty poindexter right now, I’ve always leaned toward the more feral, quadruped incarnation of the lycanthrope.

    And damn it, I hope they’ve got Jon Talbain and Kurt Pellegrino on hand as fight choreography consultants. Otherwise the werewolfy conflicts will look like a late-sequel Matrix fight on a bad-leather day.

  • Seems to me like the titular “Wolf Man” should be two-legged whereas a full ‘werewolf’ would be four-legged.

    Leastways that’s how I read it. I saw nothing wrong with any of the shots of Del Toro in makeup so I really hope they don’t do some freaky re-design on him. Maybe it was the ‘werewolf’ that looked daft?

  • Doruk

    Well, considering that the creature who attacked Larry Talbot in the original looked very wolf-like…

  • Here’s hoping for a werewolf on two-legs. It just meshes better and is more believable for me that way. As for the redesign? Maybe they’ve decided to give our good friend, Del Toro a snout?

  • Doruk

    I hope not, I was pretty pleased with the classic look of the design so far.

  • Don

    Looks like the Wolfman that was terrorizing 25 years earlier is an older man or woman in the movie and is now a Werewolf on 4 legs. He killed Talbots brother and will bite Talbot and get away. Talbot is now a wolfman and will possibly fight and kill the Werewolf as the Wolfman? Curse ends and he gets the girl? Weird twist is Minerva the Werewolf? Looking at the new trailer over and over in slo mo looks like this will be an awsome movie.

  • Jim

    Dad/Hopkins has to be the werewolf…the trailer seems to hint at something more going on than in the original and this news seems to verify. Unless mom isn’t really dead?