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More Wolfman Rumours: Baker Brought Back On to Save Transformation Scenes?

This morning at ShockTilYouDrop.com, Ryan Rotten shares some inside information he’s received about the oft-delayed Wolfman remake.

One tipster says Universal has sunk nearly $10-30 million into re-shoots in England. Much of the scenes had to do with the full Wolfman makeup because it wasn’t “working out” and “was too much like the original” Chaney makeup. Another writer tells me Rick Baker was brought back in to direct practical transformation work because the CGI, again, wasn’t working.

Ryan stresses that these tidbits should be treated as rumours, but that he’ll try to get corroborating statements from official sources. It’s a shame about the makeup being redone, as I rather liked the official publicity photos that have been floating around since March 2008. I certainly hope the part about Baker being brought back on for the transformation scenes is true, though– around this time last year, he was unhappy at being excluded the first time round, and as we all know from An American Werewolf in London and The Howling, Rick Baker knows how to turn a person into a werewolf properly: physical makeup and effects, rather than CG.

“Wolf Man” Creature Redesign, Wolf Man Vs. Werewolf + “Upcoming” Trailer

Back in May, word was going around that stuntman / second unit director Vic Armstrong was coordinating some additional beastly fight scenes for The Wolf Man. Now Mail Online’s Baz Bamigboye reports that the reason behind the additional filming may have been to introduce a new design for the titular lycanthrope. “The Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft,” says one Wolfman actor. A Universal rep had this to say (warning: PR speak in full effect): “The full articulation of the transformational lead character will be realised when the film is completed and we are excited to share his incredible look with the world in the upcoming trailer.” Bamigboye also mentions that the scenes involve a “confrontation between the Wolf Man and the Werewolf”– a choice of words with some exciting and curious implications.

So what we can take from all this is

  1. The Wolf Man’s design may be changing, possibly going from a two-legged creature to four legs. Whether Rick Baker was consulted remains to be seen (let’s hope he was).
  2. Apparently the film involves a Wolf Man and a Werewolf. The differences between the two remain unclear.
  3. An official trailer for The Wolf Man is “upcoming”. Considering the film’s November release, maybe in another month or two?