Dread Central Scoops the “Werewolf” Series DVD Cover

A. Quinton — May. 21st 2009

Two weeks ago we were talking about the imminent release of the entire Werewolf TV series on DVD. Now it seems the folks at Dread Central have wielded their charm and managed to get an exclusive copy of the package’s cover art! Behold the glory, the beauty, the lycanthropy, the dramatic lighting:

Werewolf - The Series - DVD Cover Art

The series is being remastered, repackaged and re-released by Shout! Factory on September 1st.

Tip to the entertainment industry: permit more exciting, beautiful re-releases like this one is shaping up to be, and you will induce people to use their credit cards instead of ĀµTorrent or Transmission.

Thanks to Dread Central for obtaining this. One day I hope to be as cool and influential as you.

  • Doruk

    Finally! Unfortunately, I already have a set recorded from TV, but I would LOVE to have a better quality version.

  • Between this and the upcoming MIDDLEMAN set Shout! Factory is rapidly becoming some of my favorite people.

    Wonder if we could get ’em to do MANIMAL?

  • lee

    About f***ing time!!!
    Im sick of the bad quality bootlges out there – now i can burn mine & buy the real thing – awsome!

  • Vycanthus

    I was just reading about Shout Factory’s Werewolf project having to be scrapped.

    That really pisses me off to no end. Any idea which money-grabbing “artists” don’t want to play ball? I have a bloody pig’s head that needs to mailed…soon before it starts to smell…

    Years ago, I payed $60 for a crappy VHS to DVD copy that was a “do-fer.” Knowing somewhere the product is basically ready to go, but trashed because of this petty crap makes me insane. I would have paid that easy for a restored set!

  • Zach

    Yeah, Werewolves aren’t popular…neither are vampires…not at all. That whole Twilight thing is a flash in the pan. Noone really is interested in such things…

    I hear there is a movie called the Wolfman going to be out in 2010…surely, that wouldn’t draw a crowd either. I certainly wasn’t one of those people who waited in front of the tv to watch Werewolf every week…nor do I still have a press kit from it to this day…
    I just know it wouldn’t do a thing to help boost sales of the music groups that are holding out. They are right to be such purists. Who wants to make a buck off of fans or from iTunes selling their oldie but goodies.

    Bitterly sarcastic,

    A Disgruntled Fan

  • ben

    i am really!really! pissed off learning about werewolf having to be cancelled cause of these greedy artists, how much more money do these greedy b……s want! hope it’s not MIKE & THE MECHANICS! i bought an album of theirs not so long ago. i think that whoever the artists are should be NAMED&SHAMED!Lets hope 2010 brings better news!

  • ben

    I am really gutted that werewolf has been cancelled,all down to the artists!How much more money do they want or need!Hope that MIKE&THE MECHANICS! is not one of them, i bought an album of theirs not so long ago.What ever artists it was should be NAMED&SHAMED!lets hope that 2010 will bring better news!


    Shamed is right. We have to find out who it is. This development really really sucks. This will shape contracts for tv shows future distribution on DVD for sure…but…noone could predict that TV series would be such a big market for dvd. One would think there would be like a grandfather clause or SOME kind of loop-hole where it could be released AND the “music artists” could be paid. This is just complete crap. I hope an employee leaks a torrent. The fans deserve to have this set…

    I remember once many years ago, I was in a bar that was serving (but not selling) absinthe. I rented the glass and as a courtesy, they gave the alcohol for “free”…
    There’s a metaphor for ya Shout…

    …to the Spoilers of the set…eat my @ss.

  • Alice

    Justr put it out anyway and to hell with the two “pop stars” who said no to the release. I doubt their washed up asses can afford to sue anyway. LOL.

  • Big Mom

    To the band that didn’t want werewolf released officially on dvd: You should allow it to be released because your probably a has been band and you should welcome the exposure. It might give you fame again. jerks. I never heard of ya.