Behind the Scenes of the Being Human Werewolf Transformation

A. Quinton — Mar. 20th 2009

Russell Tovey - Werewolf Transformation

One of the better things about the BBC is Being Human, a drama about three twenty-something roommates who also happen to be a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf (George Sands, played by Russell Tovey). The Being Human mini-site recently posted a video feature about the special effects behind last year’s season-finale werewolf transformation. For those of us who don’t live in the UK (and consequently can’t view any of the BBC’s video content without dealing with proxies), trusty YouTube saves the day. Enjoy!

This looks like a lot of work, but it also looks like a lot of fun. What werewolf fan wouldn’t willingly undergo hours of excrutiating makeup for an experience like this (at least once)?

  • Roukas

    “It’s exhausting, but it’s a lovely-exhausting feeling.” — Very well-put there. It would be an absolute blast to act out a change-scene like this. Each one of use would process that kind of intensitey differently, and we’d all bring something different to the table.

    Credit to these guys for not putting all their stock in CGI. If you go oldschool with the right lighting, angles and prosthetic work, you can practically freeze-dry a viewer’s soul. Yikes.

  • callam

    i love being human i watch every episodes of it.
    i like it when George transforms to a werewolf.
    i might work on a actor like that when I am a bit older.

  • holly

    i love the transformation scenes! the special effects are amazing and they look so real!! i love BH and im really enjoying the second series, already hoping for another!! i want to go into acting when im older and would love to work on something like that, would be awesomely fun and a great experience! its great to watch too!

  • whitewolf

    Looks cool. Unfortunately, I’m not able to watch the series or view the video (I live in the US and have a terrible dial up connection :( Read somewhere that they were thinking about making a remake of BH in America, sometime this year!! :D

  • Russell Tovey is AWESOME as are all the characters in the BBC version of Being Human. WHY the U.S. Directors thought MAKING a U.S. Coast version is BEYOND me. It’s like going on Vacation in Australia and you have a NEW Mom while you’re there.

    Talk about budget? WHY re-shoot SUPERB footage and ‘suffering’ we fans who have SEEN and are going to BUY the BBC version any way?

    Oh well. Good luck Being Human U.S.

  • Well Warren, We don’t have Moms in Australia ;)

    But otherwise, I agree entirely… I gave some thought to why this is. Are the audience the kind who only “get” something if the setting is American?, or perhaps it’s because new ideas for television shows are so rare these days that it’s easier to copy an existing one rather than create something new? I’d go with the latter, there would also be kick backs for the original production company.

    But it seldom works, They tried to transplant a very Aussie comedy show and it just didn’t work.

    BTW, We have “Mums” in Australia. ;)


  • BTW: I bought some Werewolf teeth from vampfangs, and found them very uncomfortable, and just drooled everywhere, I’d hate to have them in my mouth for hours, and the thought of wearing contacts is… no, could never do that.

    So Credit to Russell for putting up with it.

    BTW: Those of you who like Russells work (He also hosts Doctor Who Confidential) can
    follow him on Twitter, @RussellTovey.

    Wolfie! @Wolfie_Rankin