Ben Templesmith Posts Welcome To Hoxford Art

A. Quinton — Jun. 8th 2008

Australian comic artist Ben Templesmith, of 30 Days of Night fame, has posted on his Flickr account seven piece of art related to his new “werewolves in a mental institute” comic series Welcome to Hoxford.

Templesmith has posted art of six characters: Dr. Jessica Ainley, Warden Baker, Burly Bill, Gravy, Skunty and Justin Morton. With the exception of Dr. Ainley (and perhaps the Warden), none of these people look… nice. There’s also a great hi-res poster, which Templesmith encourages people to print and share with their local comic stores, so the stores will know how to order Hoxford when it comes out. That’s a good reason to print it, but a better one is that it looks amazing.

Welcome To Hoxford Poster