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Middled Aged Wolf – The Sad Sequel to the Scott Howard Story

Oh Scott, what happened? You had such dreams, such hope.

Excellent work (in a depressing way) by director Marc Milstein and company! Hat tips to to Viergacht and ArcLight.

AV Club’s “Hater” Rips on Teen Wolf Remake

I’m a big Fan of the Onion’s non-satirical (but often hilarious) media / culture magazine, The AV Club. One column I read with particular glee is Amelie Gillette’s The Hater, which is basically an outlet for the acerbic Amelie to patronize the living hell out of ridiculous pop culture nuggets. Yesterday she focused her hate-beam on MTV’s recently-announced effort to reboot Teen Wolf as a series (this is apparently a different thing than the Warner Bros. remake mentioned last week). If you like werewolves and snark at the same time, check it out, and don’t for get to read the comments thread. So good.

Teen Wolf Remake In The Works

Teen WolfHollywood, I hate you and yet I love you at the same time. How can this be? According to Moviehole, Warner Bros is looking for writers to pen an updated script on which to base a remake of Teen Wolf. It seems they’re not sure whether the film should be an updated remake or a “son of Teen Wolf” continuation, but two things are for sure: it’s going to be cheesy as hell, and I am going to have to see it.

Nice Shoes, Scott! Nike Dunk Low Premium “Teen Wolf” Sneakers

Nike Dunk Low Premium - Teen Wolf

Okay, depending on who you listen to this might have been news six months ago, but I’ve never seen them before today and they’re too awesome not to share. Feast your eyes on these Dunk Low Premium Teen Wolf sneakers, courtesy of Nike. I guess these are what Michael J. Fox / Scott Howard would have worn in Teen Wolf if he wasn’t able to grow his own fur. They’re designed in the colours of the Beavers, Scott’s high school basketball team, and they sport crazy brown fur around the ankles and down the tongue. These were released as part of the Nike Media pack, which featured three pairs of sneakers created in honour of classic basketball movies (the other two films that inspired designs were Hoosiers and White Men Can’t Jump). Apparently only 72 were created, but you can still buy them directly from Osneaker.com for $200 US, and there are a few pairs floating around on eBay. Roukas, get your credit card ready! More photos after the break, courtesy of Osneaker.


“I Wrestled a Werewolf Once” by Matthew Skiff

I Wrestled a Werewolf Once
[click for full version]

Holy crap. Arist Matthew Skiff has captured something truly glorious here, and if you don’t agree, you weren’t alive in 1986, you’ve never seen Teen Wolf or The Monster Squad, and you don’t know how to rock. According to Matthew’s writeup on Flickr, this masterpiece was accomplished in a single day when the genre-thrashing band I Wrestled A Bear Once commissioned him for some promo artwork. “So I labored today on Labor Day”, he writes,  “and got this done. They like it, I like it.” Matthew, I love it, and I sincerely hope it winds up on a shirt soon. I encourage Werewolf News readers to visit Emptee.com and vote this design up. To see more of Matthew’s work, check out his web site, Flickr photostreamblog, or his Ectoplasm Cooler shirt (which you can buy). And yes, he does take commissions.