“I Wrestled a Werewolf Once” by Matthew Skiff

I Wrestled a Werewolf Once
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Holy crap. Arist Matthew Skiff has captured something truly glorious here, and if you don’t agree, you weren’t alive in 1986, you’ve never seen Teen Wolf or The Monster Squad, and you don’t know how to rock. According to Matthew’s writeup on Flickr, this masterpiece was accomplished in a single day when the genre-thrashing band I Wrestled A Bear Once commissioned him for some promo artwork. “So I labored today on Labor Day”, he writes,  “and got this done. They like it, I like it.” Matthew, I love it, and I sincerely hope it winds up on a shirt soon. I encourage Werewolf News readers to visit Emptee.com and vote this design up. To see more of Matthew’s work, check out his web site, Flickr photostreamblog, or his Ectoplasm Cooler shirt (which you can buy). And yes, he does take commissions.